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  • Agent K

    Agent K You are attempting to make it onto the SWAT team. Go through 3 training rounds with satisfactory re

  • Aderans Forest

    Aderans Forest Aderans Forest is under attack. Shoot all the enemies before they destroy it! Click the mouse to sho

  • A.L.I.A.S 2

    A.L.I.A.S 2 The sequel to A.L.I.A.S, the best online shooter.

  • A.L.I.A.S

    A.L.I.A.S Play one of the best shooting games of all time.

  • 3D Shooter

    3D Shooter Shoot down the targets within a limited time reload your rifle.

  • 2D Shootout

    2D Shootout Draw your pistol revolver magnum and shoot down the cowboys in this desert town.

  • Nemo's Revenge: The Quest for the Lost Pearl

    Nemo's Revenge: The Quest for the Lost Pearl Walk around under water as a scuba diver and shoot down fish with your harpoon.

  • Mad Cows

    Mad Cows Stop the mad cows from taking over your farm.

  • Monster Mash

    Monster Mash Somehow Tatertown is infested with undead. As the hero in this game, head to the graveyard with your gun to stop them at their home.

  • Jumping Circle 3

    Jumping Circle 3 Jump from platform to platform while shooting down enemies with your gun.

  • Bowman 1

    Bowman 1 Aim your shot and power up to fire your arrow from you bow and kill the opponent.You take turns shooting arrows at each other one at a time,you hold the mouse button down hold the curser beh

  • Happy Tree Friends: Flippy Attack

    Happy Tree Friends: Flippy Attack The objective of this game is simple. Stay alive as long as possible. Using characters from Happy Tree Friends.

  • Bean Hunter

    Bean Hunter Shoot the Beans as soon as they appear on screen

  • Star Ambushed

    Star Ambushed You were attack by Imperial TIE-Fighter. Click to fire and destroy them as many as possible.

  • Bird Hunting

    Bird Hunting Shoot all the birds on screen

  • Castle Cat 2

    Castle Cat 2 Play a cute cat that throw mace and fire cannon. Collect coin and avoid running over by cars

  • Super Space Dog Fighting

    Super Space Dog Fighting Shoot the alien from within your spacecraft

  • Crazy Castle

    Crazy Castle Purchase various type of weapons such as crossbows, pistols, UZIs, lasers, plasma guns and more to destroy the incoming intruders

  • Slashing Pumpkins

    Slashing Pumpkins Drop knifes to hit the rolling pumpkins

  • Zombie Killer 2072 AD

    Zombie Killer 2072 AD Kill the disgusting zombies - each take multiple shots to dispose off

  • Animal Hunter

    Animal Hunter Hunting rabbit, birds, etc in the jungle.

  • maus Force Attack

    maus Force Attack An aircraft shooting game with nice graphic and sound!

  • Alien Final Terminator

    Alien Final Terminator Protect Earth by shooting missiles at the invading aliens!

  • Shoot The Gatso

    Shoot The Gatso Shoot the speed camera

  • V: Force

    V: Force V-Force is a simpel vertical shooter game

  • The Indian Shikar

    The Indian Shikar Just point and shoot the tiger.

  • 2D Paintball

    2D Paintball Shoot the smiley with your paintball gun

  • Asteroid Field

    Asteroid Field Destroy the asteroid before it crash on your ship

  • Shoot 2:Cruise Control

    Shoot 2:Cruise Control 3rd person shooter game with a unique feature - hide behind wall and shoot when it is safe.

  • Damnation: Preview

    Damnation: Preview This is a Doom remake where you have to shoot at horde of monsters