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  • Arcana's Defender

    Arcana's Defender Arcana's Defender is a light, charming, and frantic adventure game of magic and mayhem. Cast spells and summons to stop the oncoming hordes from taking Princess Arcana back to the Evil Litch Lord's to...

  • Ricochet Kills 3

    Ricochet Kills 3 Control the gunslinger to shoot all the targets on the screen. While taking aim on a target, you do not need to move away from your position.

  • Sift Heads Assault

    Sift Heads Assault You will control a stickman in this Assault Shooting Game. Your enemies are hidden behind the city, pick up your weapons to shoot them before they kill you. You will earn money to upgrade your equipme...

  • Angry Bees

    Angry Bees In this defense game, you will play as the king of the bees. Your bees are rioting and rebelling, they want to take back their honey. You need to pick up your gun to defeat them.

  • Starmada

    Starmada Control a spaceship in the galaxy to shoot down the aliens. The difficulty of the game is high, you need to play a few times before you are able to handle the game well.

  • Zomboz

    Zomboz Kill the zombies in the zombie planet. You will control a captain to use the cannon to shoot the rocket and kill all the evil zombies. Observe the gravity in the planet, try to set a perfect angle and...

  • Peace Break:Hero

    Peace Break:Hero In the Cat Planet, Magic and Science make the planet rich and beautiful, but an evil monster is destroying the peacefulness. It is time to fight back! Fly with your spaceship to shoot down your enemie...

  • Metalhead Zombies

    Metalhead Zombies It's time to kill some undead heavy metal dudes in the Zombie shooting game. Shoot down all the zombies before they kill you. Watch out for the life meter on top of the screen as time run on. When you...

  • Planet Blirp

    Planet Blirp Your spaceship has crashed on the Planet Blue and the Aliens live there do not welcome you. The planet Blue is not like Earth, it is abandoned, cold and desolate. Fight the Aliens and complete your m...

  • ShatterBot

    ShatterBot Play as a robot ShatterBot in the abandoned urban sector. Shoot your enemies and destroy platforms to pave your way.

  • Sniper Scope

    Sniper Scope You are an assassin in this shooting game. Your task is to kill your target by using the sniper. Prove to this agency that you have what it takes and complete each mission flawlessly.

  • Medieval Archer 3

    Medieval Archer 3 Defend your castle against medieval knights and dragons. Shoot the targets with your bow and arrow. Click the mouse button for shooting. Watch out for the time limit and the wind direction. Your shot ...

  • Shadow Regiment

    Shadow Regiment Your mission in this fun action adventure game is to overthrow the king's rule! Complete each mission to continue on your journey to defeat the king!

  • Mass Mayhem 4

    Mass Mayhem 4 You will play as an absolute mayhem in this fun game. You can use the rocket to kill the people on the street, when you get enough of money, you can upgrade your weapon. Wish you can release your tens...

  • Alien Trench

    Alien Trench Your spaceship has crashed on an unknown planet and you have lost contact with the department from the Earth. Unfortunately, there are unknown Aliens on the planet! You need to protect your spaceship ...

  • The Resistance

    The Resistance Your city is under attack by unknown enemies, there is only one barricade left. You need to protect the barricade. Pick up your weapon to resist as long as you can.

  • Snowball Launcher

    Snowball Launcher Snowball Launcher is a funny shooter game. The Snowmen are attacking people! As a Snowball Launcher, your mission is to save the village from Snowmen's attack. Shoot snowballs at the Snowmen that are ...

  • Boxhead The Christmas Nightmare

    Boxhead The Christmas Nightmare The devil zombies are invading the town and destroying the peaceful Christmas season. Play as Santa of an elf and kill all the zombies to save the people in this awesome Boxhead Christmas Special! Cho...

  • Zombie Rumble

    Zombie Rumble This game is inspired by the popular game, Angry Bird. Your task in the game is to use the cannon to kill all the zombies in the building. Use your mouse to control the cannon's direction and click th...

  • Smurfin For Brooklyn

    Smurfin For Brooklyn Let's play this first person shooter game with Smurf. Smurf as a cute little blue creature, is hunt by his enemy. You need to help him take up the gun and fight back. Use AWSD key to control movement....

  • Ballista Level Pack 1

    Ballista Level Pack 1 In this archery game, you will control the ballista to shoot the flying balloons. There are different colors of balloon, yellow, blue, red and green. Each level requires you to shoot a certain number ...

  • Above Hell

    Above Hell As an assassinator, you need to face hundreds or thousands of enemies. Your soul cannot go to heaven and drop above the hell. Your mission is to kill the bad guys in the hell and use their blood to ex...

  • Zombies vs Penguins

    Zombies vs Penguins Zombies are attacking the land of Penguins. You will play as the Penguin Hero to kill all the zombies. Use your gun to shoot the zombies, you will get bonus points in headshots.

  • Redneck VS Zombies

    Redneck VS Zombies Grab your machine gun and chopper to kill all the living zombies! Don't give the bloody zombies any chance to take over your beloved homeland.

  • Delivery Man

    Delivery Man An action-packed defense game in post-apocalyptic wasteland with tons of upgrades and guns! Even after an apocalypse this delivery man still keeps trucking. Upgrade your truck and your guns so you can...

  • Experimental Shooter

    Experimental Shooter This is a simple shooting game, your task is to control the cannon to shoot all the balls on the screen to make them disappear. Each level has a very different set of rules and goals. It could be very...

  • Defend Your Nuts

    Defend Your Nuts The skeleton zombies are invading Squirrel homeland to destroy everything they can. As a brave Squirrel, you need to protect the nuts in the forest against the evil zombie. Destroy all the zombies usi...

  • Dude and Zombies

    Dude and Zombies Your truck was spoil in a zombie land. All the zombies around are coming to eat you. Pick up your weapon to kill the zombies, repair your truck as soon as possible before you become the food of zombie...

  • Pothead Zombies

    Pothead Zombies The zombie are attacking the hospital. Pick up your weapon to kill them all. You can earn money by killing zombies and upgrade your weapon in the inventory.

  • Diamond in the Rough

    Diamond in the Rough Use your powerful turret to kill all the stickmen who want to take your treasure diamond away. You can play as Journey Mode or Arcade Mode. Earn money to upgrade your weapon.