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  • Chain the Pixel

    Chain the Pixel Combine same color elements to remove them from the chain. Don't let the chain grow long enough to touch the bottom of the screen.

  • The Terminal

    The Terminal The Artificial Intelligence robot rebelled against the government. You need to control your robot to defend the city. Shoot down all of your enemies!

  • I Survive

    I Survive Your base are set on desert. Your enemies want come to kill you. Pick up your weapon to defend your base.

  • Alien Paratroopers

    Alien Paratroopers A great evil has fall into The Earth. Pick up your weapon to defense them!

  • Carnival Showdown

    Carnival Showdown Play the shooting game in fun fair. Get your gun, flex that twitchy trigger finger, and become the best shooter in town.

  • Ricochet Kills 2

    Ricochet Kills 2 Train your shooting skill in this killing game. You must get the right angles on the perfect shots, then you can kill all the enemies in the same time.

  • Lost Nuke 2

    Lost Nuke 2 Play this run and shoot game with machine gun. Just run to the right and shoot all these appearing monsters.

  • Defem

    Defem This is a simple and nice shooting game. Pilot a UFO and destroy waves of enemies!

  • Rec 2: Zombie Attack

    Rec 2: Zombie Attack This is a Zombie Shooting Game. Your mission of the game is to kill all the zombies from the house in this brilliant survival horror game. Killing zombies will give you money to exchange for we...

  • Dawn of the Zombies

    Dawn of the Zombies Stickopolis is under attack and it is up to you living above a gun shop to do all you can to bring these zombies down and perhaps one day save the world from the horror.

  • GemGloboid: Resistance Battle

    GemGloboid: Resistance Battle This is a game with shooting and pinball game. You need to defense the ball which try to attack you. Shoot at the gemblls with the right color to destroy them.

  • Pixel Showdown 2

    Pixel Showdown 2 This is a cowboy shooting game. Your task is to shooting down your opponent. Test you reactions pixel cowboys style. Wait until the sheriff says fire then test your reflexes and try to out shoo...

  • Earth Onslaught

    Earth Onslaught Help Captian Samael to man earths last inter-orbit defense station and hold off the poor speaking Bhal Zaggoth and his evil alien forces. Upgrade your firepower and defenses, buy air and ground units ...

  • Zombies Sniper

    Zombies Sniper Shoot down the tribes who are about to kill you. Find them with the help of sniper lens.

  • Breaker360

    Breaker360 This is a fresh view on Arkanoid style games! Destroy all bricks, and don't let ball hit the core!

  • Spy Truck

    Spy Truck Your planet has been attacked by aliens and its time for you to show some action and get back your planet. Destroy all the aliens, Get weapon upgrades and take back what is yours.

  • RetroShoot360

    RetroShoot360 Challenge your skills through 50 levels of intense retro arcade action. Unlock 2 mini games and more. This is the sequel to the original RetroShoot and is tougher, harder than ever before. Incredible ...

  • Starfire: Retaliation

    Starfire: Retaliation This is a classic arcade space shooting game with loads of enemies, weapon upgrades and giant bosses. Aliens almost stole all water from planet Earth. Now it's time for revenge. Stop the aliens...

  • Until The Last Breath

    Until The Last Breath Black Hawk Down! The helicopter are broken and drop into a dangers island. Use your sniper rifle to protect your broken helicopter as long as possible. To play, use your mouse to aim and shoot, G to t...

  • Mustache Warrior

    Mustache Warrior Become the infamous Mustache Warrior and use a bow and arrow to shoot down the hordes of evil bats!

  • Siege Tank Defence

    Siege Tank Defence Protect the teleporter to prevent enemy units from escaping through it. A single tank vs enemy army.

  • Turkey Got Guts

    Turkey Got Guts Every year around Thanks giving, many turkeys end up on a dinner plate. This year it’s time to fight back. The farmers will not accept your revolt so you must shoot them before they get the chance t...

  • Quake Flash

    Quake Flash This is the Quake game in flash version. The most popular first-person shooter game.

  • Shape Defence

    Shape Defence This is a simple shooting game. You are play as a cannon and your task is to defend the enemies with the bone head coming around your way. You can earn gold when you kill the enemy and at the end of ...

  • Robin Hood

    Robin Hood Use your bow arrow skill to fight with the gangster and defend yourself in a street battle. Avoid the darts from the enemies and shoot back.

  • Red Plane 1

    Red Plane 1 This is classical arcade shooting game. Destroy all the enemy planes with your fighter jet through various missions and achieve highest score. If you are in danger, just drop a bomb and any projectile...

  • Black Ace Darts

    Black Ace Darts Welcome to BLACK ACE DARTS! You have 10 darts to throw. Press and drag the mouse to throw the dart. Try to hit as close as possible to the center and reach the best score.

  • Last Bullet

    Last Bullet This is a shooting simulation game. Aim and shoot your target. You have 8 stage to go. Hit the target as fast as you can to get the highest score!

  • Shoot em

    Shoot em Have a blast shooting down this stick figure with bigger and bigger guns! This game is hard to put down after you unlock bigger and better weapons to take down the little fella. You mission is to Shoo...

  • Soldier

    Soldier Fight against terrorists in Chechnya, then stop the North Koreans from developing the nuke and finally find the secret base of the Iraqi insurgents!