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  • Urban Soldier

    Urban Soldier Your goal in this shooting game is to survive as long as possible while shooting the brains out of hordes of zombies. Have fun blasting the zombies!

  • Kitten Game

    Kitten Game Your objective in this fun cartoon game is to kill as many cats in a given level as you can. But you have to reach the minimum to continue to the next level. Have fun!

  • Neonium

    Neonium Your goal in this defense/shooter hybrid that puts you in control of a tower mounted turret is to fend off waves on incoming enemies. The game is auto-saved at the end of every wave. Good luck!

  • Mechanical Commando

    Mechanical Commando Your mission in this action shooter is to take control of a good old-fashioned, massive mechanical commando and show them who's the boss. Keep the trigger down tight and charge through the enemy war z...

  • Apocalypse

    Apocalypse Some sort of virus has gotten loose and spread over the entire globe. The gods are a little busy with other matters, so they have granted you an assortment of powers to deal with the problem as you se...

  • Desert Rifle

    Desert Rifle Your mission in this first-person defense shooter is to survive enemy attack for six days until main forces will take over. You have various weapons and land mines are at your disposal to take down yo...

  • Bubble Struggle 1

    Bubble Struggle 1 There are two general ways one can approach the game. The game can either be played for speed and overall enjoyment, whereby 'combos' are usually attempted whenever possible, or, alternatively, the pl...

  • Flying Steel

    Flying Steel Play as a one man reckon force and try apprehending the Nazi’s secret weapon, battling tanks, machine-gun towers and fighter jets along the way.

  • Zynex Demo 2

    Zynex Demo 2 Venture through the office building and shoot down the clone robots with your AK-47.

  • Zynex Demo

    Zynex Demo Use Pistol, Shotgun, M16 Assault Rifle or Minigun to blow down the enemies and warp from room to roo

  • Zynex

    Zynex Infiltrate the office, shoot the enemies with your AK-47 or blow them away with grenades.

  • Zorro Tank

    Zorro Tank Cool tank game with 2 modes.

  • Zombie Squirrel Attack

    Zombie Squirrel Attack Shoot down zombie squirrels using your pistol akimbo pistols and avoid shotgun blasts.

  • Zombie Horde 2

    Zombie Horde 2 Are YOU man enough to handle being out in the wild with zombies coming at you?

  • Zombie Erik

    Zombie Erik Use your mouse to move the gun and left click to fire pistol rounds at zombies with clubs and armore

  • Xiao Xiao 4

    Xiao Xiao 4 Walk through this criminal infested neighbourhood shoot bad guys with your revolver and reload. Virtual Cop style shooting game with 3D map.

  • Worms level 1

    Worms level 1 Walk through the dank smelly sewers, shoot down flying vampire bats and chop up zombie worms.

  • World War 2 Soldier (demo)

    World War 2 Soldier (demo) Blast through the trenches, shoot down the enemy Nazi troops and get off Normandy Beach.

  • When Penguins Attack!

    When Penguins Attack! Ohh no!! Save santa from evil penguins in this cool and funny shoot 'em up

  • Western

    Western Take out the baddies in this fun western shootout.

  • WartHog Rampage

    WartHog Rampage Shoot down the crazed rabid wart hogs using a pistol, shotgun or rocket launcher before they escape.

  • War on Terrorism 2

    War on Terrorism 2 Use your pistol assault rifle and sniper rifle to kill those evil terrorists and get to Osama Bin Laden!

  • War Games

    War Games This is an excellent army-shooting game, in which you have to kill the opponents, using your handy-g

  • Virtual Cop

    Virtual Cop It's simple, you're Virtual Cop... an old version of Robocop but still as deadly.

  • Victory Is Ours

    Victory Is Ours You're Stewie Griffin in this awesome shoot 'em up game and you've got to shoot the members in your

  • Urban Wizard

    Urban Wizard Get through this game by shooting your enemies, instead of just casting the geeky spells at them! Us

  • Uniwar: Lost Civilization

    Uniwar: Lost Civilization Jump into your spacecraft, and fire your lasers at enemy space fighters, blow them up and get ready

  • Universal War LC

    Universal War LC Fly through space with escort fighter pilots, power up lasers, fire and destroy enemy air craftm

  • Turkey Trouble v0.1

    Turkey Trouble v0.1 Shoot down those pesky turkies before they take over your city.

  • Trojan Guard

    Trojan Guard This is a different game where you have to shoot all the machines that are shooting at you before th