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  • Scope Assault

    Scope Assault Shoot down the terrorists holding up this building use you scope to zoom on them and fire.

  • Saloon Shootout

    Saloon Shootout Test your reflexes in this great shoot 'em up game.

  • S.A.M Site

    S.A.M Site Prevent the rockets from breaching your city's border as you lock on to them and shoot missles at th

  • ROFL Attack

    ROFL Attack This is a cool ASCII parody of Heli Attack, where you must shoot the LOLLers and the LMAOplanes. An

  • River Raid

    River Raid Fly down the river, shooting everything you can; except the fuel strips. They're what keep you alive

  • Reysteroids

    Reysteroids Fly around your ship, piloting through asteroid fields and shooting down rocks with your lasers.

  • Red Chefs

    Red Chefs Splat all the red chefs with ice cream.

  • Recoil

    Recoil Fire your cannon, kick and fly to defeat robot dogs and enemy boss.

  • Ready Aim Fire

    Ready Aim Fire This is a fast-paced alien shoot 'em up. Fly the plane through the desert/wasteland shooting all the

  • Raging Flight

    Raging Flight Storm through space in your interstellar craft and blast away at those aliens with your lasers.

  • Quick Draw

    Quick Draw Draw before the other guy does so this town will have it's wonderful sheriff.

  • Putnik The Pumpkin

    Putnik The Pumpkin All Halloween creatures have been cursed. Help Putnik to save them by shooting the magical pumpkin s

  • Project X

    Project X Travel through corridors, shoot down enemies, destroy the nuclear reactors and kill the boss.

  • Police Sniper 2

    Police Sniper 2 This is a cool sniper game where you have to eliminate all the enemies you can see in missions mode,

  • Police Sniper

    Police Sniper This is a cool sniper game where you have to take out the bombs, weapons, missles and enemies in thi

  • Pokemon Kill 2

    Pokemon Kill 2 Shoot the pokemon before the escape

  • Plebbi Duck Hunt

    Plebbi Duck Hunt Shoot down the flying ducks with your shotgun before they fly off the screen.

  • Plate Shooting

    Plate Shooting Shoot all the plates you can!

  • Pearl Harbor

    Pearl Harbor Blow up as many ships as you can. Its like you were really there!

  • Paratroopers 2

    Paratroopers 2 Shoot down the Paratroopers before they land in this fast paced Shoot'em'up!

  • Paintball

    Paintball Shoot all the yellow faces to score maximum points and advance to next level.

  • Overrun II

    Overrun II Rotate your turret and shoot down the invading robots, creatures and people coming towards you.

  • Onslaught

    Onslaught Shoot down the invading enemy creatures with your bow and arrow and use volleys to destroy them all

  • One Soldier

    One Soldier You're one soldier. Your fellow soldiers turned their backs on you, and now you're facing some tough

  • Nun Gunner

    Nun Gunner Blast the Nuns out of the sky as they invade your home world with their mother ship.

  • Net Terminator

    Net Terminator Shoot down at stationary or moving targets reload your gun and fire before time runs out.

  • Naval Gun

    Naval Gun Fire missiles and blow up the enemy submarines and planes.

  • Monster Mash 2

    Monster Mash 2 The zombies have invaded again. Blast and blow them away with your semi automatic pistol and restore

  • Mili And Tary Against War

    Mili And Tary Against War Shoot all the paratroopers before they reach the ground in this awesome military shooting game. When

  • Meteor Strike

    Meteor Strike Take out the meteors before they devestate the entire city! They're coming in from all angles, so y