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  • Hexiom

    Hexiom This is a spatial numbers game. Solve by dragging hexagonal tiles until sides match number on tile. This game can improve your puzzle solving skill!

  • Diner City

    Diner City A challenging restaurant management game. Choose your restaurant type, sushi shop or burgers shop, upgrade it with the new appliances to reach the money goal faster than your competitor.

  • Kahoots

    Kahoots The Kahoots are a delightful bunch. They love to jump and play! Help them reach the exit doors. But keep cardborgs at bay. Don’t let them touch the spikes or they will be sad and not want to go any ...

  • Mystic Cards

    Mystic Cards Mystic Cards is a game of card collection and strategy, your goal is to collect cards to destroy your enemies. Select one side (Human or Demon) and fight your opponent in epic battles. Use the ...

  • The Wizard's Notebook

    The Wizard's Notebook This is a word based strategy game which uses visual riddles. Solve the visual riddles by typing in words and watch as they transform into what the word describes. You can type whatever word you can i...

  • Abuba the Alien

    Abuba the Alien It is a silent night, some unusual things will happen tonight... Quietly comes the Abuba, a cutie alien from the outer space. He has got a mission to visit our earth. But unfortunately there are some ...

  • Easter Island Tower Defense

    Easter Island Tower Defense The famous stone heads on Easter Island are being ravaged by mystical creatures from another dimension! It's up to you to defend your island to the very last head in this fun tower defence game!

  • Fluffies

    Fluffies The mother fluffy desperately needed to go to town for some things but was a bit nervous to leave her children behind alone and for good reason! Before she left she tied them all together so that they...

  • Tumble Waiter 1

    Tumble Waiter 1 See if you can figure out this fun gravity motivated puzzle! Choose from and unlock many different levels. Use your arrow keys and the force of gravity to manipulate the ball into going where you want...

  • Strategy Defense 4

    Strategy Defense 4 Prepare for the war as you build units against the computer. This is going to get insane!

  • Guardian Rock

    Guardian Rock The Guardian Rock must defend the temple from the evil human thief. Smash them all!

  • Bermuda Escape

    Bermuda Escape Bermuda Triangle Escape is an underwater mystery - first you're trapped in the infamous Bermuda Triangle itself, then you must discover its secret and devise a way to escape. It will take every ounce ...

  • Closed Office

    Closed Office Figure out how to escape from the closed office

  • Armor Wars

    Armor Wars Online strategy war game - Armor Wars is fun, addictive and totally awesome. The sequel to Arcomage Castle Wars, build your decks and beat up your friends. As you play, unl...

  • Ittekimasu

    Ittekimasu Ittekimasu is an awesome and challenging puzzle game that will addict you in the first level! Your goal is to not let any buttons escape your screen and safely return them to the “mother” b...

  • The Fog Fall 2

    The Fog Fall 2 Get ready to play an awesome point-and-click adventure game where you must solve all of the puzzles to win! Use your mouse to search around for different objects in each scene that can be used ...

  • Ice Cream Dash

    Ice Cream Dash Time is running out and you got yourself some ice creams to sell. Grab your mouse and start clicking away. Make yourself some cold hard cash and set up your own business in Ice Cream Dash.

  • Life Ark 2

    Life Ark 2 This planet may be doomed, but you can make life possible elsewhere!

  • Life Ark 1

    Life Ark 1 In there beginning there was nothing, just dust and empty space. In time, over millions of years this dust joined to form celestial objects in the vast darkness. But something was missing... life. Bei...

  • Box Clever

    Box Clever Warm up your puzzle solving skills and get ready for this addicting puzzle game! Solve the puzzle in each level by bringing the 2 blue balls together. It gets trickier and trickier to complete ...

  • Minim

    Minim It’s time to atomize, restructure and minimize your size in this awesome puzzle game! The goal of this game is to take a multi-atom molecule and reduce it down to one using your puzzle solving skill...

  • Zafiro

    Zafiro The secret to this fun puzzle game is rotation, rotation, rotation! Move the Zafiro around the game board by rotating it clockwise or counter clockwise and getting it to land in the portal. Push your ...

  • Pandemic 2

    Pandemic 2 You are in control of a deadly disease. Pick the type, and as the disease grows increase its lethality.

  • Bug War 1

    Bug War 1 In the territory of hungry ants and roaches you should eliminate the enemy as an only way to ensure survival of your species.
    Note: Click your colonies individually or click and drag to select mu...

  • Maze Cat

    Maze Cat Help two cats to meet each other, choose a cat clicking "mouse" and move it along the labyrinth mentioning the point of destination, avoiding red thorns and eating mice.

  • Little Wheel

    Little Wheel As the only functioning robot, it's up to you to revive the robotic world in this silhouetted point-and-click adventure game. Will you succeed?

  • Crop Circles 2

    Crop Circles 2 The aliens are back to snack on farmer brains. This time they are filled with ACID BLOOD! Look out, the acid will harm your defenses. Strategically place the crop circles to make the maze. Then...

  • Park Your Ride 2

    Park Your Ride 2 You are a internationally known valet, and it is your job to park as many cars as possible before time runs out. Race around the parking lots of Shanghai and get those cars parked!

  • Shops Street

    Shops Street Start your own retail business. Earn money by operating your shops. Upgrade the shops and increase your cash flow.

  • Pipeline Remixed

    Pipeline Remixed Go with the flow with all the colors of the rainbow!