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  • Loops of Zen 3

    Loops of Zen 3 This game has a simple goal, but it challenges the mind beyond comparison! Loops of Zen III has more and better puzzles to solve than the first two games. Close the open ends of the loops in each leve...

  • Crop Circles

    Crop Circles These brain-snacking intergalactic travelers can still be tripped up by a few misplaced crop circles. This is a free Tower Defense Games.

  • Sea Treasure

    Sea Treasure Use your submarine to garb all the sea treasures be careful for sharks and oxygen.

  • Bacon Lettuce Tomato

    Bacon Lettuce Tomato Click flying bits of food to construct delicious sandwiches.

  • Pirate Defense

    Pirate Defense Pirate Defense is a tower defense game with a twist: traps! Your goal is to use powerful trap combination to send your pirate enemies through a whirlwind of pain as well as earn you big gold rewards a...

  • 5 Minutes To Kill Yourself

    5 Minutes To Kill Yourself As a cubicle worker your mind never wanders far from the thought of ending it all and in this game you only have five minutes to finish yourself off! Grab anything you can and beat yourself over the h...

  • What the Heck

    What the Heck Your goal in this fun game made on Play Crafter is to scour the underworld for the lost treasure of Hades to buy back your freedom. Collect all the coins to win. Coins can be collected by picking them...

  • Territory Wars Online

    Territory Wars Online Territory war faces two teams of players against each other.You have to move or stay and attack the enemies and kill them to unbolck stages.

  • Visible

    Visible Your task in this interesting online game is to go through the level and reach the portal without getting killed. Sometimes, things are not as the seem. Look at the reflection. Some things are in the ...

  • Rollercoaster Rush

    Rollercoaster Rush In this fast pace game, your goal is simply to make your riders happy. The more smiles you get, the better your score. But be careful, you don't want to send your riders to their demise.

  • Square 2 Ball

    Square 2 Ball Your task in this intriguing and challenging Puzzle game is to play through the 35 levels and become a master of puzzles. Can you make it through all 35 levels and 3 secrets unlock? You'll get more ti...

  • Ping Ball

    Ping Ball Your goal in this new exciting game is to use gravity and magnets to try and get the highest score. Ping you way through 7 different worlds with unique features and settings, to make it to the final s...

  • Battle Gear

    Battle Gear Your mission in this huge strategical warfare game is to conquer the world. Start by choosing your side from one of three superpowers: USA, Russia and China. Take charge of military operations and ent...

  • Neon Disks

    Neon Disks Light up all the disks by firing balls at them. At the end of each level you select a bonus that will help you complete the game.

  • Charger Escape

    Charger Escape Your goal in this online game is to transform an ordinary horse into a magical unicorn, and then into a winged pegasus. Only then can you help this amazing Charger Escape from the barn and realize its...

  • Help Obama Presidential Escape

    Help Obama Presidential Escape Help Barack Obama escape from the terrorist who kidnapped you. Good luck!

  • Ninjas vs Pirates Tower Defense

    Ninjas vs Pirates Tower Defense Your goal in this tower defense game is to train Ninjas defenses and defend one of three paths against evil invading pirates. Four Ninjas have special abilities and the pirate towers do have strengths...

  • Scriball

    Scriball Your objective in this innovative skill game is to draw a path for the ball to roll along. There are 43 levels in total + a boss battle + extra levels you can unlock if you're mad enough to beat it wi...

  • 2 Rooms

    2 Rooms Your objective in this unique puzzle game is to go around each level using two pieces, which are separated by a wall in the middle. There are many different objects you can interact with that will aff...

  • Monotone Skill

    Monotone Skill Your task in this cool skill game is to swing your ball around while avoiding the falling squares and preventing the pentagon from getting hit by other balls. Good luck!

  • Giraffe Above

    Giraffe Above Your task in this fun action-puzzler is to play as an apple-crazy Giraffe and collect the apples in the tree in one continuous line and then get your head to the exit. The tricky part is not crossing ...

  • Prison Break Escape

    Prison Break Escape The son of the prison president has committed murder, in order to save the son, the prison president must find someone else to be the scapegoat. Michael has been put into jail with innocence. Help him...

  • Ray 2

    Ray 2 This is an interactive movie, the decisions you make will determine your outcome. Each choice you decide on will reflect on the score you get, as well as how much cash you have left at the end.

  • Jane's Hotel

    Jane's Hotel As an inn-keeper, you must make your hotel gain popularity by satisfying your customers. Cool graphics and some advanced game mechanics make this game quite difficult to clone.

  • Farmer Youda

    Farmer Youda Your mission in this strategy game is to run a farm, pick up your items at your farm and deliver them to the towns people. You start off with a little farm providing the baker his flour to make bread ...

  • Fishing a Girl

    Fishing a Girl Reel in those fish one by one as you attempt to save a boy who's trapped on the other side of the ocean. Earnings from caught fish can be spent on better rods and lures. Once you've set yourself up...

  • Bloons Tower Defense 3

    Bloons Tower Defense 3 This sequel to Bloons Tower Defense and Bloons Tower Defense 2 contains eight new tracks with 3 difficulty settings each, two new tower types, loads and loads of new upgrades for everything and new an...

  • Bloons Tower Defense 2

    Bloons Tower Defense 2 In this sequel of Bloons Tower Defense is place monkeys on the playing field to pop all the helium balloons before they reach the end. This time, you will need more than just darts to win. Fortunately...

  • Bloons Tower Defense 1

    Bloons Tower Defense 1 Your objective in this Bloons Tower Defense game is to place monkeys around the maze to defend from the onslaught of the moving balloons. As you get more money you can buy new towers or upgrade existi...

  • Viridian Room

    Viridian Room Escape from yourself inside Viridian Room, the sequel to the fantastic Crimson Room.