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  • Airport Madness 4

    Airport Madness 4 You will have chance to manage the aircraft in the airport. Your task is to make sure all the aircraft land safely. Try to avoid mid-air collisions while you move each airplane as quickly as you can.

  • Punch Mania

    Punch Mania Is there anyone you hate and you feel like punching him? Here you can upload his photo and enjoy punching on him! Use Arrow keys to help you fight against your opponent. Left and Right keys are for pu...

  • Medieval Archer 3

    Medieval Archer 3 Defend your castle against medieval knights and dragons. Shoot the targets with your bow and arrow. Click the mouse button for shooting. Watch out for the time limit and the wind direction. Your shot ...

  • New Years Knockout

    New Years Knockout Test your punching abilities against a bunch of celebrities that have marked the year, such as Amy Winehouse, Steve Jobs, Kim Jon Il and more! Fight, win, upgrade and kick them out!

  • Oil Delivery

    Oil Delivery You need to bring the barrels with oil to the right place. Watch out because you can't dump it in sea otherwise there will be a huge disaster. Place items to bring the barrels to the right spot.

  • Epic Battle Fantasy Adventure Story

    Epic Battle Fantasy Adventure Story Fight your way through challenging levels with slime monsters, tree demons, and massive bosses! Collect new equipment and gain experience as you learn new spells!

  • Moo Cab

    Moo Cab Control the alien with the spaceship to transfer the cow to the destination. There are various difficulties that are awaiting you. Rocket missiles, electro shocks, laser alarms or thieves are just a p...

  • Kings Mercenaries

    Kings Mercenaries You have been chosen to defeat all the thieves and bandits of the kingdom! Choose your character and begin clearing out each wave in this fun role playing game! Fight as a mage, a ranger, or a paladin...

  • Shadow Regiment

    Shadow Regiment Your mission in this fun action adventure game is to overthrow the king's rule! Complete each mission to continue on your journey to defeat the king!

  • Canoniac Launcher

    Canoniac Launcher This is a fun game to play with this cute robot. Throw the robot by using the cannon as far as you can. The robot will collect the coins and you can use the coins to upgrade the cannon and weapon.

  • FIVE Game

    FIVE Game Can you guide this little boy to escape from the maze world? You have five minutes to beat the game.

  • Zoo Builder

    Zoo Builder In this management game, you need to build a zoo to earn profit. Finish all tasks in the level so that you can proceed to the next level. You can build new structures from the menu given. The right si...

  • Causality Story Part 1

    Causality Story Part 1 A point and click adventure game play with stickman. Click on the objects on the screen and kill all the stickmen at one time without letting anyone survives. You'll lose if any one of the stickman wi...

  • Fishing Trip

    Fishing Trip Practice your fishing skill in different places. Try a fun challenge and see how good you really are at this sport. Press Cast to drop your fishing rod and Pull to pull the rod out from the water with...

  • Leave Me Alone 1

    Leave Me Alone 1 Stay as long as you can in this demon world. You must run from the demons chasing you. As you explore the space, collect fragments of yourself and escape from the demons forever.

  • Fire Zone

    Fire Zone Help the monster jump from the sky with parachute safely. Make sure that monster does not hit the fire! Use ARROW keys to move the fire blocks away from the monster to land him down safely.

  • Bubblize

    Bubblize Control the bubble to capture square box around for some cash. Your objective is to clear as many boxes as you can on the screen. Every bubble which captures box will earn you cash bonus. You can use ...

  • Gloomy Truck 2

    Gloomy Truck 2 Deliver cargo, drive fast as you can or carefully get supplies to the base in this sequel of post apocalyptic driving arcade game. You can pick up additional cargo on your way and upgrade your truck i...

  • Cars vs Zombies

    Cars vs Zombies The wave of zombies is flooding into the city. They are depriving citizens' life and destroying the harmony once the citizens have. Kill all the zombies in the city by controlling the cars moving and ...

  • Underwater Curse of the Golden City

    Underwater Curse of the Golden City In this physics based engine game, your task is to save the people under the water by placing some items on the right place. Use stones, life savers, and other objects to push aside obstacles so that ...

  • Mass Mayhem 4

    Mass Mayhem 4 You will play as an absolute mayhem in this fun game. You can use the rocket to kill the people on the street, when you get enough of money, you can upgrade your weapon. Wish you can release your tens...

  • I Am Cube

    I Am Cube You are feeling asleep in the classroom, but when you wake up, you are in an amazing world. You become a Cube! You need to find the way to escape from the nightmare.

  • Strollin

    Strollin Another cool fun Stickman Game for you to enjoy. In this funny survival upgrade stickman game, your mission is to get the furthest distance wherever is possible without dying! Use Arrow keys to...

  • Ninja and Blind Girl

    Ninja and Blind Girl Play as a Japanese Ninja in the game and your mission is to protect the blind girl from being harmed by the enemies. When you kill an enemy, he will drop coins and you can collect the coins to upgrade...

  • City Siege 3 Jungle Siege

    City Siege 3 Jungle Siege Save your citizens and take out the Baddies from your city! You will play as a soldier to defeat the Baddies. Take them out without harming the native.

  • Turkey Slice

    Turkey Slice There are good and bad turkeys, your task is to eliminate the bad turkeys. Cut the tower to kill the bad turkeys and get the gift to gain your bonus score.

  • Earn To Die

    Earn To Die It is the apocalypse and you seem to be the only survivor around, the only hope is you need to find a car and drive safely to the rescue area. All the citizens have become zombies, you need to avoid t...

  • Dummy Never Fails 2

    Dummy Never Fails 2 Your task in this physics based engine game is to shoot the dummies to hit the target. You can adjust the gravity and zoom in and out to find the target.

  • Nutty Boom

    Nutty Boom In this fun game, you will need to help this silly squirrel to collect as many acorns as you can. Use the bomb to explode the squirrel to let it collect the acorns and go into the exit door.

  • Swift Turn 2 Game

    Swift Turn 2 Game Play as a little cute square block to collect all the stars and make it back to the portal. Avoid spikes and saws that will hurt you. At some levels, you can drive a special car to complete your missi...