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  • Sinjid Battle Arena

    Sinjid Battle Arena Go to the shop gather up weaponry armor and other items battle it out against tough enemies.

  • Universe 2: Andromeda

    Universe 2: Andromeda Fight out against other space craft upgrade your ship weaponry armor and more.

  • Toon - The RPG (demo)

    Toon - The RPG (demo) Walk around this funny and cartoon like land go to shops buy armor weaponry and battle evil.

  • Seraph

    Seraph Fly through the levels, shoot down approaching enemies, and pick up health and body armor.

  • Metal Armor

    Metal Armor In this game you go around shooting the other team trying to win.

  • Blinking

    Blinking Shoot the cats in armor with your cannon

  • Build-a-Blood Shed Guy

    Build-a-Blood Shed Guy Create your own blood shed character change armor face hands guns uzi sub machine gun pistol

  • Blood Shed Guy

    Blood Shed Guy Create your own blood shed character. Change armor, face, hands, and guns.

  • Armor RPG Experiment

    Armor RPG Experiment Power up your attack, magic, and defense, and clash against your evil opponent to win experience and

  • MV-017 Metal Armor

    MV-017 Metal Armor Control MV-017 in this platform game using either mouse or keyboard

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