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Free Physics Games

  • Castle Clout 1

    Castle Clout 1 Use your trebuchet to launch stones at the castle. Knock down the walls and knock off heads to accumulate points.

  • Bubble Quod

    Bubble Quod You're in a bubble and that pointy thing in each level is your only ticket to freedom. Don't let any obstacles stand in your way!

  • Color Infection 2

    Color Infection 2 This is sequel to Color Infection game and your goal again is to infect all yellow shapes with brown color by colliding them with brown shapes, but keep all green shapes uninfected. There are 25 brand...

  • Physics PuzzLand

    Physics PuzzLand Your task in this cool physics game is to find some way to make the energy spheres and other devices connect with the sad animals to make them dance.

  • 99 Bricks

    99 Bricks Rotate and stack Tetris shapes to build the tallest free-standing tower possible. You have 99 pieces to achieve your goal.

  • Assembler 1

    Assembler 1 Move and stack shapes in this Box2D physics game. The green objects need to match up with the green outlines.

  • Assembler 2

    Assembler 2 A 25-level sequel to Assembler. Your task is to get the green shapes into position as quickly as you can.

  • Ragdoll Cannon Remake

    Ragdoll Cannon Remake Fire your stickmen onto the target to proceed to the next level. Try to clear all twenty five levels.

  • Ragdoll Physics 2

    Ragdoll Physics 2 A demonstration of Ragdoll Physics where Bush is falling down into a never ending pit!