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  • 3 Slices 2

    3 Slices 2 Your task in this physics puzzle game is to trim out the red and blue bocks out of the screen. By doing this, you can only chop apart the blocks no more than three times.

  • Rolling Football

    Rolling Football This football game is unusual compared to a normal soccer game, where your task in the game is to drop the shape given on the screen to make the ball roll to the goal.

  • Acrobat Smasher

    Acrobat Smasher This interesting game is inspired by the famous game, Angry Birds. If you like the Angry Bird games, perhaps you will enjoy this game much too. There is a new member in the circus and he will j...

  • Angry Pirates

    Angry Pirates Time to have fun! In this pirate game, you need to help the captain of the pirate ship to shoot down his enemies. Control the cannon with right angle and release power to shoot the stone ball a...

  • TNT Zombies

    TNT Zombies Zombies are attacking the town! As a construction worker, you can destroy the zombies by using the TNT bomb. Put the TNT at the right place to explode the buildings and kill the zombies. TNT will expl...

  • Monsterland - Junior vs Senior

    Monsterland - Junior vs Senior There are many colorful monsters in the Monsterland. Your task is to help the Monster Junior to reach his father's exhausted back and stir him from slumber. Click on the monster blocks to get rid of t...

  • Tremor Hatch

    Tremor Hatch In this fun physics game, your mission is crack the unhatched chicken egg.

  • Orange Gravity Levelpack

    Orange Gravity Levelpack The new level pack version from the physics based game, Orange Gravity, with another 15 levels added in the game. Your task is to cut the rope on the orange and control the orange to collect all the l...

  • Romeo Gogo

    Romeo Gogo Help Romeo to rescue his loving Princess Juliet. Reunite Romeo and Juliet back together by using the bubble appear out of thin air, zapping a piece of wood with electricity and dropping heavy weights ...

  • Replaceable Blocks

    Replaceable Blocks This is a fun physics based game, your task in the game is to kick out the red blocks from the screen. There are square, triangle, circle and many blocks with different size and color on the screen, u...

  • VIP: Cover Me

    VIP: Cover Me Terrorist want to kill your VIP guest, you need to protect your VIP! Place the body guard around your VIP or more VIPs and lead them to a safe place.

  • Trick Shot

    Trick Shot Control the ball by adjusting the right angle and power to shoot it into the cup. Challenge your skill to complete all the levels with one shot.

  • Rocket Toilet 2

    Rocket Toilet 2 In this fun flying game you will play as a Primitive man to fly away using his flying machine. You can upgrade your machine when you earn enough of money.

  • Steampunk Player Pack

    Steampunk Player Pack This is an interesting physics base game. Help the yellow robot land safely on the saving ground and remove the red robot out of the screen. Use your tactic carefully so the robot will not fall...

  • Hazardous Rescue

    Hazardous Rescue Your task in this balancing game is to prevent the creatures touching the floor with acid. Hold them all on the metallic platform to unlock the levels.

  • Aggro

    Aggro In this fun physics game, you need to control the angry vegetables to destroy all the fruits in the garden. Be careful as you have only a limited number of shots.

  • Inca Blocks

    Inca Blocks Ancient Inca tribes have an ability to command any object omitting Earth's gravitation laws. Now you need to use the skill to move the blocks into the corresponding position.

  • Hambo 2

    Hambo 2 Help these piggy cops take down the baddies in the city! In each level, you get a minimum number of shots, so aim well and try to get a gold star! Can you beat all of the levels with a high score?

  • Cyclop Physics

    Cyclop Physics Your goal in this physics game is to help green and red cyclops get to their corresponding platforms. Click on a box which can transform into a ball, and a ball which can transform into a box.

  • Building Demolisher

    Building Demolisher In this fun demolition game, your mission is to destroy all building structures in every level. Completely obliterate the structure in each level by using the limited number of demolition balls at you...

  • Wake Up The Box 3

    Wake Up The Box 3 Wake up all the sleepy boxes again in the new part of this physics puzzler. Use your MOUSE to attach objects and start chain reactions.

  • Pixel 2

    Pixel 2 Choose a pixel ship to start the game, collect as many pixels as you can. Shoot down the enemies and it will gain you more score.

  • Sideroller

    Sideroller In the pixel bending platform game, you will use your keyboard and mouse to roll, jump, climb and even beam through the mazes.

  • Crash The Robot 2

    Crash The Robot 2 Crash the robot by using various mechanisms and buttons. Move objects with the help of bomb and destroy the robot ultimately.

  • Oil Delivery

    Oil Delivery You need to bring the barrels with oil to the right place. Watch out because you can't dump it in sea otherwise there will be a huge disaster. Place items to bring the barrels to the right spot.

  • Moo Cab

    Moo Cab Control the alien with the spaceship to transfer the cow to the destination. There are various difficulties that are awaiting you. Rocket missiles, electro shocks, laser alarms or thieves are just a p...

  • Underwater Curse of the Golden City

    Underwater Curse of the Golden City In this physics based engine game, your task is to save the people under the water by placing some items on the right place. Use stones, life savers, and other objects to push aside obstacles so that ...

  • Turkey Slice

    Turkey Slice There are good and bad turkeys, your task is to eliminate the bad turkeys. Cut the tower to kill the bad turkeys and get the gift to gain your bonus score.

  • Dummy Never Fails 2

    Dummy Never Fails 2 Your task in this physics based engine game is to shoot the dummies to hit the target. You can adjust the gravity and zoom in and out to find the target.

  • Nutty Boom

    Nutty Boom In this fun game, you will need to help this silly squirrel to collect as many acorns as you can. Use the bomb to explode the squirrel to let it collect the acorns and go into the exit door.