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  • Ever Rising Water

    Ever Rising Water Control the ship to carry the falling shapes. You can clear the shapes with 3 same color shapes.

  • Hungry Shapes 2

    Hungry Shapes 2 This is a nice physics based puzzle game. Your task is to feed the hungry shapes with the burgers. Make each one to eat the required amount of burgers to win the physics levels. Red shapes must...

  • Hungry Shapes 1

    Hungry Shapes 1 A fun physics based puzzle game, your task in the game is to feed all the hungry shapes with the burgers to make them become happy.

  • Color Cleaner

    Color Cleaner Clear the screen by clicking on the same color of shapes. You have a limited number of clicks on each level.

  • Werebox 2

    Werebox 2 Your task in this fun physics based puzzle game is to knock all the red shapes off of the screen by transforming boxes into balls and vise versa. You must notice on the gravity, ramps and even the dyn...

  • Rolling Football

    Rolling Football This football game is unusual compared to a normal soccer game, where your task in the game is to drop the shape given on the screen to make the ball roll to the goal.

  • Morphicine

    Morphicine Guide the orange blob to combine it with blue blob to become the bigger green blob. Use space bar to move the orange and blue blobs into green blob. Your task is to control the bigger blob to the dest...

  • Red Remover Player Pack 2

    Red Remover Player Pack 2 A classic Physics based puzzle game to play in the 40 levels. Your task in the game is to remove the red blocks from the screen. You can also create your unique level to submit and play.

  • Big Blocks Battle

    Big Blocks Battle Launch the cannon to blast the nasty blue blocks out of the land. Be careful that you cannot harm the green blocks. There are three types of boom you can use, try to use the right boom to save the cos...

  • Energy Physics

    Energy Physics The bad guys are in the town, use the physical forces electrocute them. Based on the physics engine to drop the shapes to get the electricity from the batteries to the bad guy.

  • Moops Combos of Joy

    Moops Combos of Joy Play as soldier Dirty Moop to shoot on the unhappy shapes to make them happy. Watch your ammo, it is limited. Don't hurry and try to aim carefully for combos. Shoot power-ups to collect them.

  • Perfect Balance 3

    Perfect Balance 3 Test your balance skill with the physics based engine in this balancing game. Try to perform a perfect balance with all the shapes given.

  • GemClix

    GemClix There are different shape and color of gems falling from the top and land on the bottom of the play field. Remove the gems by click on the 3 or more matching gems.

  • Blurst

    Blurst Train your reaction skill with this shapes and color game.

  • Gem Grab

    Gem Grab There are a treasure in the cave and you and the one discover it! Now, you need to carry off the treasure from the cave. Drag around the shapes so you could finally put the gem to the exit door.

  • Balance Zone

    Balance Zone Use your balancing skill to balance the 2 platforms in the balance zone by using the tetris shaped. The faster you beat each level, the more score you can get.

  • Hide Caesar 1

    Hide Caesar 1 Protect the Roman Coin with your physics based skill. Drop wooden shapes to make a roof for the Roman coin from falling pebbles.

  • Fenticore

    Fenticore Click the speckled purple boxes to make them disappear as you try to get the golden fenticore to the bottom of each screen. Collect as many snowflake-shaped coins as possible on the way down. If you g...

  • Mad Blocker

    Mad Blocker Mischievous "Fluzzels" addicted to Shape Morphing are turning into colored blocks. However if they stay in Block form for too long they will become stuck and turn into "DeSaturons". Please join them t...

  • Blosics

    Blosics Fun physics-based demolition game. Hold down your mouse to grow the ball and the shoot it towards the stacked shapes to knock them off the platform.

  • Tetrico

    Tetrico Let’s picture a game wherein there is a gas chamber shaped like a well. You the player are dropping innocent Jews down into the gas chamber, and they come in all shapes and sizes. There are old...

  • Shape Defence

    Shape Defence This is a simple shooting game. You are play as a cannon and your task is to defend the enemies with the bone head coming around your way. You can earn gold when you kill the enemy and at the end of ...

  • Perfect Balance 2

    Perfect Balance 2 Are you good on balancing skill? The Perfect Balance games are all about balance in its simplest form. To complete a level, you need to move all shapes down from the shape box, and place them on stati...

  • Gem Swap

    Gem Swap This is a classical match of three games. You can make a line or more of the same color group to get rid of them. Click on two gems consecutively to swap their positions. The shapes of the gem ...

  • Boom Stick

    Boom Stick BoomsticK pits you and your trusty shotgun against a relentless onslaught of insane shapes. 21 Tiers of shape shooting, particle blastin, power-up grabbin madness!

  • Journey to the East

    Journey to the East Your mission in this fighting game is to survive by killing people that try to block your way on your journey. Visit countries around the world and fight with their warriors until you reach your desti...

  • Perfect Balance New Trials

    Perfect Balance New Trials Perfect Balance New Trials - If you think that you have what it takes to balance numerous objects on top of each other, then this is the game for you! You must balance the oddly shaped objects in each...

  • Super Stacker 2

    Super Stacker 2 It's time to stack smiley shapes again. With almost four times as many levels as the first and a level editor, this sequel will satisfy your addiction to stacking shapes.

  • Perfect Balance 1

    Perfect Balance 1 A physics-based stacking game similar to Super Stacker. Balance shapes in 80 increasingly difficult levels.

  • Magic Pen

    Magic Pen A great drawing puzzle game similar to Crayon Physics. Draw shapes and add hinges to make your ball collect flags.

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