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  • CycloManiacs Epic

    CycloManiacs Epic The CycloManiacs are here and they are going to save the world through racing! Select your crazy character and keep your balance as you race others to the finish line across each stage, performing stu...

  • Rocket Robin

    Rocket Robin This is a balance game, your mission is to launch the rocket and safely land it back to earth. Balance the rocket, detach at the optimum moment and go for the highest altitude you can. Get seriously g...

  • Elemental Balance

    Elemental Balance Place the bomb in the right spot, click on the detonator, click again the primed bomb to explode it. Earth, Sky, Wind, and Fire! Each element has 12 levels with different characteristics.

  • Finger Balance

    Finger Balance How long can you stay this square man on the air? Use the finger to balance him and you can collect as many coins as you can to get the big score. Control the finger with your mouse movement. You can ...

  • Perfect Balance 3

    Perfect Balance 3 Test your balance skill with the physics based engine in this balancing game. Try to perform a perfect balance with all the shapes given.

  • Colliderix 2

    Colliderix 2 A nice physics based game play with colorful block. Your task is to remove all the pink and yellow blocks by colliding them with other blocks of the same color. Click on the orange blocks to re...

  • Black Cat in the Box

    Black Cat in the Box The poor black kitten had been locked in a small cage. You need to rescue the kitten and don't let the kitten fall over from the platform.

  • Truck or Treat

    Truck or Treat Race with your tuck into the village of witch. Try to balance your truck to reach the end of the village.

  • Eenie Balance

    Eenie Balance This is a physics base balancing game. Use your balancing skill to balance in a world of falling polygons.

  • Jungle Tower 2 The Balancer

    Jungle Tower 2 The Balancer Play this balancing game with the physics based engine. Jungle Tower is a sequel to a popular box2D high scores game with nice cartoon graphics and jungle atmosphere!

  • Jungle Tower 1

    Jungle Tower 1 Play the tower game with the physics based engine. Build the highest tower in the jungle and don't let them fall down.

  • Balance Zone

    Balance Zone Use your balancing skill to balance the 2 platforms in the balance zone by using the tetris shaped. The faster you beat each level, the more score you can get.

  • WereBoxes

    WereBoxes This is a physics based balance game. Your task is to remove the red ball from the screen, the others must remain. At first glance they are ordinary Balls, there are thousands of them in every ...

  • Ninja Yin Yang

    Ninja Yin Yang Ninja Yin Yang are white ninja and black ninja. They are train together in the game. You need to place the black ninja on the platform with the black sign and placing the white ninja on the platform w...

  • Perfect Balance 2

    Perfect Balance 2 Are you good on balancing skill? The Perfect Balance games are all about balance in its simplest form. To complete a level, you need to move all shapes down from the shape box, and place them on stati...

  • Stabilize

    Stabilize This is an interesting physics based skill game to test your skill of balance things. There are campaign mode and free play mode for you to select from. In the campaign mode, there are 15 chall...

  • Rollball

    Rollball A game where the aim is to get a ball from the Start point to the Endpoint as fast as possible. You will get a better score the faster you are!

  • Balance Fury

    Balance Fury Test your balancing skills! Stack up as many blocks as possible without letting the platform tip over.

  • Siren of YinYang 2

    Siren of YinYang 2 Your father have failed the gods. It is now your turn to save the balance of the world. Now with a curse, a lock of curse. Use the thunder to unlock.

  • Perfect Balance New Trials

    Perfect Balance New Trials Perfect Balance New Trials - If you think that you have what it takes to balance numerous objects on top of each other, then this is the game for you! You must balance the oddly shaped objects in each...

  • Strongest Truck 2

    Strongest Truck 2 Your challenge is to manoeuvre the strongest truck in the world all the way to the finish, with a combination of power, precision and balance. Drive smartly and safely, push the limits without losing ...

  • Perfect Balance 1

    Perfect Balance 1 A physics-based stacking game similar to Super Stacker. Balance shapes in 80 increasingly difficult levels.

  • Unicycle Challenge

    Unicycle Challenge Stay balanced on the Unicycle as you dodge the oncoming mini-beach balls. You control the Unicycle w

  • Stay On The Car

    Stay On The Car Keep the lion on the top of the car as long as possible without falling off or losing balance.

  • Shadow of the Warrior

    Shadow of the Warrior Choose your class, shadow ninja, warrior, balanced and more, buy weaponry, shields and defeat your e

  • Balance War

    Balance War Jump with the girl and boy on a platform to pick up the fruits.

  • Balance Tobby

    Balance Tobby How far you can carry Tobby while balancing him on a stick?

  • Snack Attack

    Snack Attack Try to climb the stairs with a full tray of soft drink and junk food. Balance your body and don't let the food fall off!

  • Snack Attack

    Snack Attack Deliver your meal up the stairs. Bes ure to balance yourself and hang on to the food