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  • Dead Paradise 3

    Dead Paradise 3 Your mission in Dead Paradise 3 is to halt the madness brought upon by the enemies. Help the survivors reach their safe haven. Good luck!

  • SnailBob 5

    SnailBob 5 SnailBob has found his soul mate, who happens to be a very successful singer, and she's performing clear across the forest full of dangers and puzzles. But dear old Bob would do anything for love, and...

  • Rapid Fire

    Rapid Fire Your task in this fun stickman game is to hold your ground against stick samurais, helicopters, grenade launchers, giants and kamikaze ninjas. Kill more enemies at once to get kill combos and upgrade ...

  • Feed Us Lost Island

    Feed Us Lost Island Your task in Feed Us Lost Island is to give the piranha some relief to his aching stomach. Guide the little fish in the deep water and look for humans. Devour them like there is no tomorrow. Lets play...

  • Phantom Imperial

    Phantom Imperial Your mission in Phantom Imperial is to defend the kingdom from hostile forces. Your main tactic in this defense-strategy game is to swap job. Make sure the enemies will not prevail. Good luck!

  • Civilization Wars 2 Prime

    Civilization Wars 2 Prime The sequel to the most epic RTS/RPG game is here. In Civilization Wars 2: Prime, your goal is to fight your way through treacherous levels, learn to master some magic crafts and develop new skills. Ha...

  • Mr And Mrs Tart

    Mr And Mrs Tart Your objective in Mr And Mrs Tart is to relive the journey of love of Mr and Mrs tart in this crazy and heart-felt platformer puzzle game. Not all love story ends without a zombie. So, beware and enjo...

  • Royal Offense

    Royal Offense Your mission in Royal Offense is to play the role of a commander. Order your troops to kill and destroy every living enemies in this medieval themed game. Earn cash and spend them for new weapons and ...

  • The Telekinetic Incident

    The Telekinetic Incident The Telekinetic Incident is a puzzle game where you need to move blocks to redirect the laser to win each level. Figure out creative ways to utilize and combine your Telekinetic Powers to progress.

  • BNKR

    BNKR BNKR is a futuristic point and click adventure game where your objective is to save the androids and humanity! Use the help of various androids around the war torn city and unlock the secret that has ...

  • Cheese Barn

    Cheese Barn Help this little mouse to get his lovely cheese. Solve the puzzle in every level, remove the obstacles or move the box to help the mouse get his cheese.

  • The Golem

    The Golem Play as a lovable Golem in this adorable point and click game! Help him become a real human and he will help you back!

  • Dead Convoy

    Dead Convoy In this physics based puzzle game, your task is to blow up the bridge so that it will take out all your enemies on the bridge. Place the TNT on the right place and wait for your enemies on the right t...

  • Droppy

    Droppy Droppy's girlfriend are been kidnapped! You need to help him to save his girlfriend. Go through all the stage by point and click to solve the puzzle. At the final stage, she will give you a surprise! ...

  • Ninja and Blind Girl 2

    Ninja and Blind Girl 2 Defend your blind girl in this sweet defense game! Ninja and Blind Girl 2 is an awesome game filled with tons of upgrades. Your main goal is to make sure the blind girl doesn't get killed! This is don...

  • Questopia

    Questopia Explore the unknown tombs of the Pyramid valley to unveil its great secrets and hidden treasures. However once trapped inside you will find out that you are not alone.

  • Three Kingdom Defense

    Three Kingdom Defense This game is inspired by the famous game Plants vs Zombies. The story began from the Three Kingdom in China. You will play as Ministers of Three Kingdom to defeat the zombies.

  • Control Craft Modern War

    Control Craft Modern War A fast RTS game, with tactic capabilities and captivating graphics in unique style. Take over the enemy colonies to battle your way through 15 challenging levels that call for your skill and wit.

  • Tron - The Spoof

    Tron - The Spoof A nice game inspired by the movie Tron. Your mission in the game is to prevent Clu and his evil team to steal the Flynn's disc. Use your skill to throw the disc one by one to reach the destination.

  • Silly Chicken

    Silly Chicken Help this little silly chicken find his online girlfriend in this RPG platformer. Get through all the levels and defeat the evil cows and reunite them!

  • Mr. Tart

    Mr. Tart Control Mr. Tart to get into the toaster so he can become warm and delicious! And in some levels, you may need his friend to reach the toaster. You must find ways to make them work together to get thr...

  • Titanic

    Titanic The Titanic has hit the iceberg and is going to sink! As a third class passengers you don't have the priority to board the lifeboats. You must run fast and find the way to reach the upper deck for ear...

  • Cabbage Maniac

    Cabbage Maniac

    Is it okay to feed a pet Rabbit with cabbage? No! It isn't! Cabbage is very bad for rabbits. It can cause diarrhea and bloat which can kill them!

    In the game, the little bunny was affected ...

  • Caribbean Admiral

    Caribbean Admiral Caribbean Admiral is kind of turn based RPG where you will take control of an awesome fleet and fight against pirates and other fleets to try to conquer as much sea and land as you can. Build up a cre...

  • Stormy Tower

    Stormy Tower Command your army to defend your castle in this tower defense game. Build your army and destroy your enemy's tower. Pick which troops to send into battle and where they should go and then watch them f...

  • Scene of the Crime: Dream of Murder

    Scene of the Crime: Dream of Murder A body is found in the trunk of a car that crashed off the highway. As a smart yet brilliant detective, you are called in to solve the case. You'll need your eyes, your wits, and a magical board in yo...

  • Swordfall Kingdoms

    Swordfall Kingdoms Your task in this strategy game is to conquer as many old Europe kingdoms as you can. You can choose to play as England, Germans, French, Moors or Spanish.

  • Snail Bob 2

    Snail Bob 2 In this adventure game, you will need to help the Snail Bob to deliver birthday present to his grandpa. But there is a long way to go and you need to pass the dangerous forest. Help Snail Bob t...

  • Control Craft 2

    Control Craft 2 Your mission in this challenging Real Time Strategy game is to conquer the planet by sending your soldiers to take down enemy's control towers and gain control of the area. Make sure you have enough s...

  • Give Up

    Give Up A challenging game where your mission is to go to the exit portal in each level. How far will you get before you give up?