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Cabbage Maniac

Is it okay to feed a pet Rabbit with cabbage? No! It isn't! Cabbage is very bad for rabbits. It can cause diarrhea and bloat which can kill them!

In the game, the little bunny was affected by an unknown virus and has become a zombie rabbit. It is in pursuit of innocent cabbage like a maniac. It's ears are growing strongly like a helicopter ears which allow maneuvering around deadly thorns, fireballs and other threats. Carrots are no longer of its interest and it just wants the delectable green cabbages.

To reach the goal, the bunny needs your help. Control the bunny with WASD KEY or using the MOUSE. Press the SPACEBAR to get the carrot and press again to throw it. It can be used for lowering the gates and help bunny reach the cabbage.

There are 25 levels in the game, when you finish a level, the game will auto save the stage. You can quit and continue playing the game at anytime you like.

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