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  • The Telekinetic Incident

    The Telekinetic Incident The Telekinetic Incident is a puzzle game where you need to move blocks to redirect the laser to win each level. Figure out creative ways to utilize and combine your Telekinetic Powers to progress.

  • Block World

    Block World Your task in the game is to guide the little guy to escape from the block world. Make his way to the portal to complete each level.

  • Ice Block

    Ice Block This is a combine version of Tetris and Match 3 Game. You will complete a level when the indicator on the conveyor is full.

  • 3 Slices 2

    3 Slices 2 Your task in this physics puzzle game is to trim out the red and blue bocks out of the screen. By doing this, you can only chop apart the blocks no more than three times.

  • Monsterland - Junior vs Senior

    Monsterland - Junior vs Senior There are many colorful monsters in the Monsterland. Your task is to help the Monster Junior to reach his father's exhausted back and stir him from slumber. Click on the monster blocks to get rid of t...

  • Penalty Shootout 2012

    Penalty Shootout 2012 Play a cool penalty game this time and shoot to score. You will also play as a goalkeeper to block the shoots from your opponent. Choose your favorite team to win in the championship.

  • Replaceable Blocks

    Replaceable Blocks This is a fun physics based game, your task in the game is to kick out the red blocks from the screen. There are square, triangle, circle and many blocks with different size and color on the screen, u...

  • Tetris Jungle

    Tetris Jungle A classical Tetris puzzle game with a jungle background and nice music. Make lines with falling blocks!

  • Nono Sparks Genesis

    Nono Sparks Genesis Guess what is the picture hidden behind the board. Place the blocks on the board with the number given to find out the mystery picture.

  • Inca Blocks

    Inca Blocks Ancient Inca tribes have an ability to command any object omitting Earth's gravitation laws. Now you need to use the skill to move the blocks into the corresponding position.

  • Punch Mania

    Punch Mania Is there anyone you hate and you feel like punching him? Here you can upload his photo and enjoy punching on him! Use Arrow keys to help you fight against your opponent. Left and Right keys are for pu...

  • Fire Zone

    Fire Zone Help the monster jump from the sky with parachute safely. Make sure that monster does not hit the fire! Use ARROW keys to move the fire blocks away from the monster to land him down safely.

  • Swift Turn 2 Game

    Swift Turn 2 Game Play as a little cute square block to collect all the stars and make it back to the portal. Avoid spikes and saws that will hurt you. At some levels, you can drive a special car to complete your missi...

  • The Vault Job

    The Vault Job The Vault Job is a physics game where you need to lock down the vault by helping the rolling vault door. Remove the objects which block the way of the rolling vault door. Sometimes you need to think c...

  • Death to Trolls

    Death to Trolls Your task in this fun physics based game is to kill the troll by guiding them to drop into the trap. Remove the gray and yellow blocks in the right order and set the position to kill them. There are 2...

  • Ballista Level Pack 1

    Ballista Level Pack 1 In this archery game, you will control the ballista to shoot the flying balloons. There are different colors of balloon, yellow, blue, red and green. Each level requires you to shoot a certain number ...

  • The Jersey Situation

    The Jersey Situation While having a fun time at the shore, Guido saw a lady was facing an unpleasant situation. Out of guts Guidos get in a fight for the lady. In this game you will play as Guido with the headband against...

  • Release The Mooks 2

    Release The Mooks 2 Test your balancing skill to stack all the monster blocks on top of each other. You can drag its position to where you want it to sit on by clicking mouse. Do not let the blocks fall out if possible a...

  • Crash Boom Bang

    Crash Boom Bang There are three steps to knock the evil blocks off the screen, crash, boom or bang! Use your knock off, explosion and bouncing skill to complete each level.

  • Colliderix Level Pack

    Colliderix Level Pack Your task in this physics based game is to remove all the red and green blocks by colliding them with blocks of the same color. Click on the wooden blocks to remove it.

  • NFL Fast Attack

    NFL Fast Attack National Football League is the top professional league of American football in the US. You have to try to bring down your opponent by throwing the ball to him. Use the arrow key and space to move and...

  • WheelBox the Fallen Star

    WheelBox the Fallen Star Control the little robot with one wheel to collect all parts of a star and to rescue its planet from full darkness. Use arrow keys or AWSD keys to help him move the wooden block to jump and collect st...

  • Red Remover Player Pack 2

    Red Remover Player Pack 2 A classic Physics based puzzle game to play in the 40 levels. Your task in the game is to remove the red blocks from the screen. You can also create your unique level to submit and play.

  • Big Blocks Battle

    Big Blocks Battle Launch the cannon to blast the nasty blue blocks out of the land. Be careful that you cannot harm the green blocks. There are three types of boom you can use, try to use the right boom to save the cos...

  • Inflate Us

    Inflate Us This is an amazing world, all the people have become the elastic blocks. You need to help the people to remove evil spells and restore their lost looks.

  • Polar Slide

    Polar Slide Train your brain in this puzzle solve game. Your task is to drive the bulldozer to move the marked blocks to the final destination. The less moves you do, the higher scores you get.

  • Cubium

    Cubium Your task in this fun physics game is to shoot various balls to destroy structures and knock all blocks off the screen. You must knock off the required amount of blocks to progress to the next ...

  • Charlie Sheen Winning

    Charlie Sheen Winning This is an insanely game play with Charlie Sheen. Help Charlie Sheen to win on his last bender, drive along the road, avoid all things that deal damage, like Cars, road blocks, cop cars, segway dudes ...

  • Kamikaze Blocks

    Kamikaze Blocks This is a kamikaze mission, your task in the game is to shoot off all the block to the media. There are 53 levels to play, you can play as puzzle mode and arcade mode.

  • Slashing Blocks

    Slashing Blocks In this Physics based puzzle game, you need to put 2 separate basketballs together. You can use your knife to slash the blocks or strings to achieve your mission.