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  • SnailBob 5

    SnailBob 5 SnailBob has found his soul mate, who happens to be a very successful singer, and she's performing clear across the forest full of dangers and puzzles. But dear old Bob would do anything for love, and...

  • Human Chop 2

    Human Chop 2 Your goal in Human Chop 2 is to once again destroy the humans. Point that mouse of yours to screen, click it and destroy the puny humans. The fate of these little earthlings is in your hands! So go pl...

  • BNKR

    BNKR BNKR is a futuristic point and click adventure game where your objective is to save the androids and humanity! Use the help of various androids around the war torn city and unlock the secret that has ...

  • The Golem

    The Golem Play as a lovable Golem in this adorable point and click game! Help him become a real human and he will help you back!

  • Droppy

    Droppy Droppy's girlfriend are been kidnapped! You need to help him to save his girlfriend. Go through all the stage by point and click to solve the puzzle. At the final stage, she will give you a surprise! ...

  • Scene of the Crime: Dream of Murder

    Scene of the Crime: Dream of Murder A body is found in the trunk of a car that crashed off the highway. As a smart yet brilliant detective, you are called in to solve the case. You'll need your eyes, your wits, and a magical board in yo...

  • Deadly Venom 4

    Deadly Venom 4 Going forward from where we left off in Deadly Venom 3, our silent assassin is now exploring deeper into the Dynasty infrastructure to discover more of their evil plans.

  • Ray and Cooper

    Ray and Cooper Cooper and Ray have been playing videogames since they began breathing. One night Ray went out to get something and didn't come back for a while. You begin to play as Cooper and you're set out to find...

  • Snail Bob 3

    Snail Bob 3 Snail bob is back for another portal filled adventure! This time he is trapped in a time machine, and he needs you to help him get Back to the Future! The time machine which his grandpa found has acci...

  • Dark Soul

    Dark Soul As a rail-shooter, you will move automatically through the world of Dark Soul, pointing and clicking with the mouse to fire at attacking tons of monsters, zombie, demons.

  • Mystery Escape

    Mystery Escape This is an unusual room escape game where you need to escape from a mysterious room. Search around to collect items and get the clues to escape. Use your best logical mind and skill to get out of the ...

  • Luke

    Luke Feel boring at your work? Let's have some fun with this unlucky millionaire. He is being cheated by a money-like woman and her son. Can you help him escape from their setup?

  • Kveendolnitza

    Kveendolnitza The ancients had hidden all of their knowledge in a place where no one knows before they left. Through ages, many people still look for it without success. Help Triton to find out the knowledge of the...

  • Tony Crazy Escape

    Tony Crazy Escape In this point and click adventure game, Tony was sent to an amazing world, you need to help him back to his world. Defeat the evil wizard and find the wand to complete the mission.

  • Mayan God

    Mayan God A point and click adventure game play with a Mayan soldier. Solve bunches of little riddles in order to pass the screens.

  • Rew

    Rew In this point and click adventure game, you have to play the story backwards! Every click at the right position will give you hints of the story line. Hit for the truth, good luck.

  • The Wok

    The Wok Help the little samurai to get back his beloved Wok in this point and click adventure game.

  • Lynn Love

    Lynn Love Help Lynn Love escape from the disaster happening on Feeling Village in this adventure game. Use MOUSE to guide her move. Single click is for walk, double click is for run. Collect all the love sprite...

  • Causality Story Part 1

    Causality Story Part 1 A point and click adventure game play with stickman. Click on the objects on the screen and kill all the stickmen at one time without letting anyone survives. You'll lose if any one of the stickman wi...

  • Boxhead The Christmas Nightmare

    Boxhead The Christmas Nightmare The devil zombies are invading the town and destroying the peaceful Christmas season. Play as Santa of an elf and kill all the zombies to save the people in this awesome Boxhead Christmas Special! Cho...

  • Christmas Adventure

    Christmas Adventure A nice point and click to play in this Christmas Day. Use LEFT and Right key to control the movement of a cutie bear named Jinx. He has got a mission to accomplish with his dear friend. The story will...

  • A Simple Day

    A Simple Day In this Point and Click Adventure game, your task is to help a small group of people to go through a path full of perils safely to recover the king's lost treasure. You must help them to survive in th...

  • Explodabot

    Explodabot In this fun bomb explosion game, you need to control the bomb to explode the robots out from the screen. Place the bombs near to robots and click to explode. But you have only a limited number of bomb...

  • Zombie Rumble

    Zombie Rumble This game is inspired by the popular game, Angry Bird. Your task in the game is to use the cannon to kill all the zombies in the building. Use your mouse to control the cannon's direction and click th...

  • Brother

    Brother In this Point and click adventure game, you will need to help the Eskimo escape from the ice mountain. You need to play as the Eskimo in black coat and wait for the colorful Eskimos to go off f...

  • Cairn

    Cairn Some say the land is cursed as people who went in has never returned. Something mysterious has caught them stuck in the land and fail to return. Play this Point and Click game to discover the s...

  • Douchebag Life

    Douchebag Life Tired of dull working life, ignorance by people around you and feeling low? Try this fun simulation game to make a quality living and achieve success in life. Choose wisely the thing you need to do in...

  • Bowlees

    Bowlees This is a fun bowling game to test out your shooting skill. Shoot the bowling to knock all of the bowling pins out of the screen. Try to use less balls to get more score.

  • Roly Poly Cannon Bloody Monsters Pack

    Roly Poly Cannon Bloody Monsters Pack Your goal in this fun point and click physics based puzzle cannon game is to use your mighty cannon to blast out the terrifying creatures. Try to blow up or burn the monsters in each level by launchin...

  • Doctor Ku - the kitchen

    Doctor Ku - the kitchen Can you help this little boy escape from the kitchen? Use the object around to help him.

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