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  • Robot Cake Defender

    Robot Cake Defender Robot like cake? Defend your favorite cake from the hungry robots. Shoot them down with your machine gun, mines and more. Make sure to aim well instead of just spray bullets because you will run out!

  • Give Up

    Give Up A challenging game where your mission is to go to the exit portal in each level. How far will you get before you give up?

  • Deconstruction 2

    Deconstruction 2 Blow constructions down with a demolition specialized robot. You need to buy bomb and fuse from the shop, use LEFT and RIGHT Arrow Key to move the robot, UP Arrow Key to jump and DOWN Arrow Key to dro...

  • Steampunk Player Pack

    Steampunk Player Pack This is an interesting physics base game. Help the yellow robot land safely on the saving ground and remove the red robot out of the screen. Use your tactic carefully so the robot will not fall...

  • Invertion

    Invertion Control the robot to go to the exit gate. You not only have to open gates to reach the exits, you even have to clone yourself!

  • ShatterBot

    ShatterBot Play as a robot ShatterBot in the abandoned urban sector. Shoot your enemies and destroy platforms to pave your way.

  • Crash The Robot 2

    Crash The Robot 2 Crash the robot by using various mechanisms and buttons. Move objects with the help of bomb and destroy the robot ultimately.

  • Canoniac Launcher

    Canoniac Launcher This is a fun game to play with this cute robot. Throw the robot by using the cannon as far as you can. The robot will collect the coins and you can use the coins to upgrade the cannon and weapon.

  • Navigate Robots

    Navigate Robots Your mission in this robot game is to guide the robot to collect all the gears in each level. In order to move the robot, you need to click and hold on the mouse to draw a path for him. Avoid the enem...

  • Explodabot

    Explodabot In this fun bomb explosion game, you need to control the bomb to explode the robots out from the screen. Place the bombs near to robots and click to explode. But you have only a limited number of bomb...

  • Golem Death Launch

    Golem Death Launch In the future, resource is the most important thing for own life. The resource in the Earth is empty and human need go to other planet to get more resource. In this adventure game, you will control yo...

  • Planet Defense G10

    Planet Defense G10 In the future, resource is the most important thing for own life. The resource in the Earth is empty and human need go to other planet to get more resource. In this adventure game, you will control yo...

  • WheelBox the Fallen Star

    WheelBox the Fallen Star Control the little robot with one wheel to collect all parts of a star and to rescue its planet from full darkness. Use arrow keys or AWSD keys to help him move the wooden block to jump and collect st...

  • Dusk

    Dusk Play as a small robot in this time bending adventure land. Try to solve all the levels and get all the achievements.

  • Hazmat

    Hazmat A fun pixel game where your task is to help the robot to escape from the trap and reach the exit door. Laser beams, spikes, toxic waste and razor blades are just some of the hazards you will ne...

  • LabScape

    LabScape The robot has been captured by the scientists for experiments in the lab. Help this little robot to escape from the treacherous lab. Control the robot and you can draw the helpful objects to help him ...

  • Story of a hero

    Story of a hero A Tower Defense game play with a super hero. You can choose to become one of the heroes like Warrior, Mage or Robot. Build your tower to defend your enemies.

  • Bubble Jumper

    Bubble Jumper Control the flying robot to collect all the stars on the bubble. Jump from a bubble to another, avoid falling into the sea and bombs.

  • Physics Fidget

    Physics Fidget Play this physics based game with Robot Rabbit. You goal is to guide the robot go into the portal.

  • Steam Droid

    Steam Droid Play as the steam robot to fight with your enemy. You can upgrade your weapon at the end of each level.

  • Give up Robot

    Give up Robot Train your reaction skill in the game. You will play as a robot and you need to pass through all the level to complete the game. Jump, grapple, and swing your way to reach the exit door in each level.

  • The Terminal

    The Terminal The Artificial Intelligence robot rebelled against the government. You need to control your robot to defend the city. Shoot down all of your enemies!

  • Robot Tim

    Robot Tim The Robot Tim transfer to the main world to surrounding levels. Your task is to kill and clear monsters out of the way all the while getting coins to earn upgrades for sick new guns.

  • Acid Rain

    Acid Rain Acid Rain have harmful effect to human, it is a rain or any other form of precipitation that is unusually acidic. Play this adventure action game to escape from Acid Rain.

  • Robot Defender

    Robot Defender Your house are under bug attack, you need to send your robot to clean and kill all the bug. Defend your robot from the bug attacks.

  • Space Soko 3D

    Space Soko 3D This is a new Sokoban game in 3D. Now the game are playing in the space. Play as a robot to solve the puzzle.Only one box may be pushed at a time, and boxes cannot be pulled.

  • Robot Hunter

    Robot Hunter Shoot robots, collect items for extra points, and find the key to open the door to the next level.

  • Transformers Sliding Puzzle

    Transformers Sliding Puzzle This is a Sliding Puzzle game with the poster of the movie Transformers.

  • Chrome Wars

    Chrome Wars Become the best robot and defeat your opponents. How far can you get in this robot fight. After every fight you can adapt your robot.

  • Little Wheel

    Little Wheel As the only functioning robot, it's up to you to revive the robotic world in this silhouetted point-and-click adventure game. Will you succeed?

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