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  • Mystery Escape

    Mystery Escape This is an unusual room escape game where you need to escape from a mysterious room. Search around to collect items and get the clues to escape. Use your best logical mind and skill to get out of the ...

  • Room Raider

    Room Raider Your mission in this action game is to escape from the room by getting to the exit portal. Every room you will get a different weapon and there are different enemies awaiting for you. You need to kill...

  • I Am Cube

    I Am Cube You are feeling asleep in the classroom, but when you wake up, you are in an amazing world. You become a Cube! You need to find the way to escape from the nightmare.

  • Above Hell

    Above Hell As an assassinator, you need to face hundreds or thousands of enemies. Your soul cannot go to heaven and drop above the hell. Your mission is to kill the bad guys in the hell and use their blood to ex...

  • Swap

    Swap You are trapped in a maze world, try to find the door to escape from the room. You have the power to swap the buildings -- to make them show or hide. So use your power wisely to get out from the myste...

  • The Hole 3D Game

    The Hole 3D Game There are some monster in the hole, you need to prevent it escape from the hole. Move some heavy objects around the room to over the trap door. Try to keep whatever in the hole down there as long as p...

  • Radioactive Jack

    Radioactive Jack Play as Radioactive Jack in this Sokoban Game. Your task is to push all the boxes to their targets to escape from the room.

  • Light Asylum Escape - Room 2

    Light Asylum Escape - Room 2 Escape from Room 2 in Light Asylum! Use your wits to collect valuable tools and find the missing Queen checkers to make it out!

  • Light Asylum Escape - Room 1

    Light Asylum Escape - Room 1 This is a Room Escape Game. Your task is to escape from the mysterious Light Asylum. Search your room for tools to help you escape the treacherous area you awoke in.

  • Viridian Room

    Viridian Room Escape from yourself inside Viridian Room, the sequel to the fantastic Crimson Room.

  • Quiant Room

    Quiant Room Escape from Quiant Room this time in this game that is similar by concept to Crimson Room. Decipher

  • Crimson Room

    Crimson Room Can you escape the mysterious Crimson Room? An awesome flash game, hailed as possibly one of the be

  • Puzzled 1

    Puzzled 1 Try to escape from the room in this graphical adventure