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  • Civilization Wars 2 Prime

    Civilization Wars 2 Prime The sequel to the most epic RTS/RPG game is here. In Civilization Wars 2: Prime, your goal is to fight your way through treacherous levels, learn to master some magic crafts and develop new skills. Ha...

  • Questopia

    Questopia Explore the unknown tombs of the Pyramid valley to unveil its great secrets and hidden treasures. However once trapped inside you will find out that you are not alone.

  • Silly Chicken

    Silly Chicken Help this little silly chicken find his online girlfriend in this RPG platformer. Get through all the levels and defeat the evil cows and reunite them!

  • Caribbean Admiral

    Caribbean Admiral Caribbean Admiral is kind of turn based RPG where you will take control of an awesome fleet and fight against pirates and other fleets to try to conquer as much sea and land as you can. Build up a cre...

  • Hired Hereos

    Hired Hereos A tactical RPG game where your mission is to hire the heroes on the battlefields to defend your enemies and find the dragon to kill him!

  • Super Adventure Pals

    Super Adventure Pals You, giraffe and Mister Rock are having a happiness life of all time, but someone is very unhappy about that. Out of jealousy, the evil minded Mr B has stoned the Rock, you need to get him back!

  • Disk And World RPG

    Disk And World RPG You can select three different heroes to play in this fun RPG game. Defeat your enemies by playing the hand game paper-rock-scissors.

  • Epic Battle Fantasy - RPG Game

    Epic Battle Fantasy - RPG Game Your goal in this cool turn-based battle/RPG game is to fight against tougher and tougher monsters. Purchase your potions to stay alive once you start. Use classic weapons or pull all sorts of magical...

  • Slacker Adventure

    Slacker Adventure This is a fantastic flash RPG game. Guide Slacker around town, trying to recover the lost vending ma

  • Spindle

    Spindle This is a realy cool and violent RPG game where you play the role of a maniac called 'Spindle'. Foll

  • Toon - The RPG (demo)

    Toon - The RPG (demo) Walk around this funny and cartoon like land go to shops buy armor weaponry and battle evil.

  • Solid RPG

    Solid RPG Over 800 years have past since the great evil, journey on your quest, buy items, get weapons and do

  • Sea Tobby

    Sea Tobby Japanese RPG involving a swimming dog. Guide the dog around using your mouse and open up the treasur

  • Stick RPG

    Stick RPG You are suddenly sucked into a two dimensional world as a stickman get a job work your way up educat

  • Armor RPG Experiment

    Armor RPG Experiment Power up your attack, magic, and defense, and clash against your evil opponent to win experience and

  • Red Devil RPG2

    Red Devil RPG2 Walk through the house, explore, pick up items, do quests and battle enemies.

  • Red Devil RPG1

    Red Devil RPG1 Search through the house for items, do quests and missions for people and battle against enemies.

  • FF FlashRPG

    FF FlashRPG Select your character Cloud, Sephiroth, Kain or Terra and battle against dangerous foes like Mario.

  • Digi Ninja RPG

    Digi Ninja RPG This is a great online game, once you start playing you can't stop!

  • Adventures of Guy - RPG

    Adventures of Guy - RPG One day, you wake up, go outside and are attacked when a wizards asks you to go on a quest.

  • Stick RPG

    Stick RPG Build up the level of your stick character in this RPG

  • Ronin

    Ronin Play the role of a Ronin in this Japanese Anime style RPG game

  • Mega Man RPG

    Mega Man RPG RPG games based on the Megaman character - build up Megaman by defeating minions