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  • Abductroids

    Abductroids Alien are come to The Earth to capture human. Pilot your spaceship to fight with them, chain explosions together and save the humans!

  • Alien Paratroopers

    Alien Paratroopers A great evil has fall into The Earth. Pick up your weapon to defense them!

  • Sushi Cat 1

    Sushi Cat 1 This is a fun game by sushi cat. Help Sushi cat eat all the sushi so that he can use his belly to block the smokestack and prevent the ship from sinking.

  • Spy Truck

    Spy Truck Your planet has been attacked by aliens and its time for you to show some action and get back your planet. Destroy all the aliens, Get weapon upgrades and take back what is yours.

  • Starfire: Retaliation

    Starfire: Retaliation This is a classic arcade space shooting game with loads of enemies, weapon upgrades and giant bosses. Aliens almost stole all water from planet Earth. Now it's time for revenge. Stop the aliens...

  • Arcanorum

    Arcanorum Fly around the castle and fight against your enemy. Crush your enemies by swinging the ship of yours.

  • Ice Breaker

    Ice Breaker In the period of ice age, some vikings are freezing in the iceberg. As the leader of vikings, you need to find them out and help them escape from the iceberg. Use your personal skill to ...

  • The Wizard's Notebook

    The Wizard's Notebook This is a word based strategy game which uses visual riddles. Solve the visual riddles by typing in words and watch as they transform into what the word describes. You can type whatever word you can i...

  • Abuba the Alien

    Abuba the Alien It is a silent night, some unusual things will happen tonight... Quietly comes the Abuba, a cutie alien from the outer space. He has got a mission to visit our earth. But unfortunately there are some ...

  • Aliens Must Die: The Jupiter Wars

    Aliens Must Die: The Jupiter Wars Take control of the last starship and defeat endless rounds of alien bad guys, helped out by your co pilot annie.

  • Monster Kartz

    Monster Kartz Drive to qualify for the upcoming big go-kart championship. Select among 3 unique drivers having different driving skills and compete players around the world for the best driver rank. Race against co...

  • Atlantis

    Atlantis Defend the battleship Atlantis with your mech.

  • Spongebob Ship of Ghouls

    Spongebob Ship of Ghouls SpongeBob is trapped in the Flying Dutchman's haunted wreck, and now the ship is rising to the surface! If it sees the light of day, SpongeBob will dry out and die. Get SpongeBob out of the shi...

  • Physics Invader

    Physics Invader Space Invaders clone with real physics! Shoot down alien ships and push their wreckage off of the stage.

  • Super Bike GP

    Super Bike GP Race your motor bike up and down the track in time trial or championship modes.

  • The Wing

    The Wing Scrolling shoot 'em up where you have to protect the mother ship from being attacked and put down by

  • Space Fighters Revolution

    Space Fighters Revolution This is a cool space shooting game where you have to fly a space ship through the dark space and des

  • UFO Rescue

    UFO Rescue Guide your spaceship through the air, and use your picker thing to pick up all the purple UFOs, and

  • Zero Matter

    Zero Matter Fly in your ship shoot at the opponent and destroy his ship to win.

  • Touch Down

    Touch Down Use arrow keys for thrusters and land your ship on the pad while avoiding aliens.

  • Starfighter

    Starfighter Fly in your space ship, buy torpedos, lasers, propulsion, destroy enemies, and do other missions.

  • Spheroids

    Spheroids Guide your ship with the arrow keys and fire the laser with spacebar at the proper sequence of numbe

  • Spaced Out

    Spaced Out Fly your ship through the tight corridor avoid hitting the walls and other obstacles that come up.

  • Nighthawk I

    Nighthawk I Fly your jet fighter destroy alien space ship shoot your guns and use afterburner.

  • Worm Hole

    Worm Hole Navigate your space ship as far as you can through the Gaudian Wormhole tunnel.

  • USS Enterprise Two

    USS Enterprise Two You are aboard the Starship Enterprise, explore the ship, go on a date with Troi and avoid Riker.

  • Universe 2: Andromeda

    Universe 2: Andromeda Fight out against other space craft upgrade your ship weaponry armor and more.

  • Universe 1: Teralae

    Universe 1: Teralae Fly through space upgrading your ship fire at others and get stronger weapons.

  • Star Cruiser

    Star Cruiser Fly your space ship around the caverns shoot down walls and enemies.

  • SpaceAce

    SpaceAce Shoot down the alien ships and defend the earth in this nice remake of the classic vertical shooter.