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  • Hell On Duty

    Hell On Duty Clean all the dirty demons by launching the tortured humans and skeletons out of a cannon and push them into a boiler. Just aim and fire with the mouse, trying to knock each stinky denizen into the wa...

  • Demons vs. Fairyland

    Demons vs. Fairyland Play as the leader of the demons and you have kidnapped the children of Fairyland. Now, the people of Fairyland in great hatred are coming after you to retrieve their children in any means necessary. ...

  • Defend Your Nuts

    Defend Your Nuts The skeleton zombies are invading Squirrel homeland to destroy everything they can. As a brave Squirrel, you need to protect the nuts in the forest against the evil zombie. Destroy all the zombies usi...

  • Nimble Piggy

    Nimble Piggy Nimble Piggy is looking for treasure up on his plant. But he needs to kill all the monsters and evil baddies on his way up. Use the cannon to fire the bombs wisely and kill these evils.

  • Meaty Boner

    Meaty Boner There are many skeleton and werewolf in the castle, play as Meaty Boner to fight with them.

  • Spooky Hoops

    Spooky Hoops Play Basketball against the skeletons and try to shoot some hoops! Pick up all the beans to gain enePick up all the beans for energy and then run into the endzone to pass the level.Avoid the

  • Skeleton Park

    Skeleton Park Run around picking up bones as a skeleton but avoid being caught by the dogs.

  • Wireframe Skeleton

    Wireframe Skeleton Move around the skeleton's limbs arms legs body and make it do funny things

  • The Ghost

    The Ghost Walk through the mountains, shoot down skeletons and use melee attacks against ghosts.

  • Wire Skeleton

    Wire Skeleton An addictive funny game with a scientific background - Make the skeleton dance to your tunes!

  • Save Ed!

    Save Ed! Save Ed from the Haunted House! Avoid all the monsters such as skeletons, werewolves and ghosts! You

  • Spooky Hoops

    Spooky Hoops Avoid the skeletons and collect the pumpkins so you can make a basket

  • The Chainsaw

    The Chainsaw Wear a skeleton mask and go around chainsaw the worker

  • Grave Yard

    Grave Yard Control your skeleton character to fight other skeleton in the grave yard