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Ride Park

Ben Davidson is an apprentice who works for Felicity father. His desire to join the Patrioy army and fight against the British rule has caused him to run away. But Felicity know that Ben is injured and hiding in the woods and that there are men trying to find and arrest him. Can she and her beloved horse Penny reach Ben in time to save him?

To move Peny aup and down drag your mouse up and down . To move Peny faster drag your mouse to the left of the screen . To jump Logs , rocks , walls and fences press the spacebar in your keyboard . A successful jump is eorth 750 points . An unsuccessful jump wil cost you a horse .In your search for Bne collect apples and carrots for points . Once you find Ben you will have completed the journey . Enjoy an have good luck .

Category Action Games Penny's Courageous Ride

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