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  • Voltorometer Recharged

    Voltorometer Recharged Volt is a small creature who naturally produces electricity. He's been imprisoned and used to generate power for a sinister factory. One night, a freak accident breaks open his holding cell, and gives...

  • Headplode

    Headplode All the zombie are waiting for your judgment, kill them all by explode the zombie's head according to the right sequence. If you miss, zombie will kill you back.

  • Initial Conflict

    Initial Conflict Equip your arsenal with powerful weapons. Run and shoot down the enemies avoid the obstacles on the way and go to the teleport before time runs out.

  • Super Zero

    Super Zero The Earth had been attack by a League of Super Villains. All the Super Heroes are battling in major cities, leaving none for the little town. As one of the little hero, though extremely weak, is fight...

  • Joe the Alien

    Joe the Alien Joe is the alien from a unknown planet. He come to Earth to have some research. Help him to safely descend to Earth using his trusty rocket pack and various kinds of treacherous space platforms, but s...

  • Leapy Louie Groundskeeper

    Leapy Louie Groundskeeper The garden is running to weeds. You need to guide the groundskeeper to weed the garden.

  • Robot Tim

    Robot Tim The Robot Tim transfer to the main world to surrounding levels. Your task is to kill and clear monsters out of the way all the while getting coins to earn upgrades for sick new guns.

  • Larry And The Gnomes

    Larry And The Gnomes In Larry and the Gnomes, Larry, the chosen one by the King, needs to help defeat the Gnomes, who have recently turned evil. The Gnomes are causing havoc on the once peaceful town. The game entails 4 a...

  • Heir

    Heir A Pale Man of the North seeks to rid a people of a most unusual plague, and inherit a Kingdom!

  • Quick Sand

    Quick Sand Train your reaction skill in this Action Game. Quick Sand is a platformer with 30 stages where you have to manoeuvre your way out of booby-trapped underground caves. The main trap is that sand'...

  • Runaway Minetrain

    Runaway Minetrain Train your reaction skill in this mines game. In the game, you need to guide your mine cart through all the twists and turns of the track. Be careful the obstacles along the way, it will fall you down...

  • Acid Rain

    Acid Rain Acid Rain have harmful effect to human, it is a rain or any other form of precipitation that is unusually acidic. Play this adventure action game to escape from Acid Rain.

  • Skull Rush

    Skull Rush Play this racing game with skull! A skull's rocking journey through Hell!

  • Wild Hunt

    Wild Hunt This is a fun run and shoot game. You are lost in the jungle, there and full of zombie. Escape from the zombie land and become one of the survival.

  • Robot Defender

    Robot Defender Your house are under bug attack, you need to send your robot to clean and kill all the bug. Defend your robot from the bug attacks.

  • Back To The Light

    Back To The Light Robo is stuck in this cold, dark, and lonely world with the absence of color in his life. He is willing to go to great lengths to find the ultimate light. There are many great challenges ahead in his ...

  • Monkie 2

    Monkie 2 Monkie is back, after slinging through the jungle. This time he's going to practice jumps on the river! Jump from branch to branch, and get as far as you can!

  • Mr Runner

    Mr Runner You can train your reaction skill in this running game. Mr. Runner runs. Fast. It takes some serious skill to run him through the lava, ice, anti gravity and platforming puzzles in this face paced adv...

  • Monkey Manic

    Monkey Manic Play as a manic monkey in this action game. Your task is to collect bananas and mangoes to get through all the levels.

  • Gates Of Logic

    Gates Of Logic Play as Cadet Ping in this strategy action game. Your mission is to pass through all the level with your strategy skill.

  • Worm Madness

    Worm Madness Play as a sand worm in this action game. There are several insect like ladybird, butterfly, grasshopper, polliwogs and bee that you can eat and destroy it. You also need to avoid various stuff come fr...

  • Squirrel Fall

    Squirrel Fall Squirrel fall thrusts the player into the role of a squirrel struggling to survive as he falls to certain death. A squirrel knows that just because you die in the end, doesn't mean you can't have fun ...

  • Sky Jump

    Sky Jump Sky Jump is one enjoyable fast-paced platform skill game in which you simply have to keep your little dude in the screen by jumping and dodging stuff!

  • Robot Hunter

    Robot Hunter Shoot robots, collect items for extra points, and find the key to open the door to the next level.

  • Birds Rescue

    Birds Rescue Catch the falling chicks in the basket and try to leave them down safely without touching obstacles flying around.

  • Particle Blast

    Particle Blast Guide the mini rocket with your mouse into the rotating stars to blast them away. Complete all 15 maps as fast as possible and try to reach the top of the online high score.

  • Jump my Love

    Jump my Love Avoid falling boxes and try to go as high as you can. Pick hearts to increase score. Arrows keys to move and jump.

  • Winter Spirit

    Winter Spirit This is a simple game with pleasant graphics and a beautiful jingle as background music. Your task is to control a floating light sphere and collect falling snow flakes. If a snow flake hits the groun...

  • Monkie 1

    Monkie 1 Sling the monkey from branch to branch through the jungle. Simple but very addicting game with beautiful cartoon graphics and jungle sounds!

  • Nuclear Rush

    Nuclear Rush There is 3rd World War happen in future. The war is almost over but the enemy resistance is still defending their headquarters and are ready to launch their final nuclear strike. They are prepared to ...