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  • The Jumper 2

    The Jumper 2 Play as John, the best Jumper in the game. Test yourself and save as many people as you can in the air crash. Complete all quests and open all achievements to have higher score and to become the Best ...

  • Hot Air Bloons

    Hot Air Bloons This is a fun flying game. Play as a cute monkey and fly with the Hot Air Balloon. Pop as many balloon as you can without crashing. Try to beat your personal best or set a new high score.

  • Desert Ambush

    Desert Ambush An ancient tomb has been discovered by the military. It is known at this time that at least 3 men have entered the tomb, but had never returned. The current evidence suggests that they are no longer a...

  • Flapo

    Flapo Get ready to play a clever retro style arcade game that will leave you scratching your head! The object of each level is to destroy the lighter colored blocks by touching them to make them disappear. ...

  • Ancient Vortex Blast

    Ancient Vortex Blast Use an Ancient Vortex Blast to clear the level as quickly as you can! Find the matching blocks and remove them from the board!

  • Frizzle Fraz

    Frizzle Fraz Get your Fraz through each level rescuing smaller Frizzles, collecting keys and hearts while avoiding obstacles.

  • Hobo Prison Brawl

    Hobo Prison Brawl The Hobo is in prison now, he's ready for another disgusting brawl. In the game, your task is to help him to fight with the enemy around him.

  • The Space Jumper

    The Space Jumper This is a naked fat astronaut in the Space. Your task is to help him to prevent fallen on the star.

  • Deflectorpool

    Deflectorpool In Deflectorpool you control a paddle used to bounce balls coming from the top of the screen. Scoring is done by collecting balls of the same color with the round attachment connected to the bat. The ...

  • Indestructo Tank

    Indestructo Tank This is War in future! There are a new weapon of tank, the weapon feature is use the enemy weapon to make a counterattack.

  • Valiance

    Valiance You are a valiant in the game. Your princess are kidnap by your enemy and you need to save her! Kill all the enemies to complete the level. Correct as much coin as you can.

  • Toss the Turtle

    Toss the Turtle Toss the turtle with the cannon. You have to move your turtle away from obstacles and into things that will give you more points, or a shunt in the right direction. Hitting on bananas and chainsaws wi...

  • Forever Samurai

    Forever Samurai This is a awesome Samurai game. Use the Katana to kill all the giant metal beasts! You can play as casual, normal or hardcode mode. Kill the enermy and get the score, then you can upgrade on end of ea...

  • 8 Bit Junkie

    8 Bit Junkie This game use the character from the famous game, pacman, but the gameplay are totally different from the game pacman. You can eat whatever monster appear on the screen, but to avoid the monster in r...

  • Knight In The Night

    Knight In The Night Help the knight to find her princess. To complete each level you must find the key to open the door. Fight your enemies and save your princess.

  • You Have To Burn The Rope

    You Have To Burn The Rope This game is a very simple game and there are only 1 level to play. There's a boss at the end of this tunnel. You can't hurt him with your weapons. To kill him you have to burn the rope above.

  • Bunnies Attack

    Bunnies Attack This game come with nice art character and awesome music. One day while out chopping trees, Jack found himself surrounded by crazed bunnies, out for blood. He tried to run, but the bunnies closed in....

  • Memento Manhunt

    Memento Manhunt Memento is a Manhunt flash remake with the same idea but another story. You have to hide in the shadow of the night, and cut them all before the night is out! They took your girlfriend and to save her...

  • Eclipse Edge

    Eclipse Edge Eclipse Edge is stunning online fighting game. In this awesome game you have to fight the big goo blob as you try to stay alive and minimize your damage taken. Use the right elemental to attack the di...

  • Barbarian Bob Remake

    Barbarian Bob Remake Barbarian Bob is a action game with the cartoon style character and enemy. The original version are release on year 2005, but that is a subpar game. Now it gets a remake with improve of graphics and c...

  • Battle Field General

    Battle Field General It is the Qin dynasty in ancient China. The First Emperor Qin demands that all lands be pacified and be brought under his dominion. He has plans to build the Great Wall of China to protect his lands f...

  • Escape From Hell Towers

    Escape From Hell Towers Your mission is to control your hero and shoot all the enemies to reach your goal.

  • Unholy Island

    Unholy Island Defend your island from waves of enemies including Pirates, Royal crown sailors and of course the Kraken itself, the game offers infinite levels until the island becomes a real war zone.

  • Sun Bed Invaders

    Sun Bed Invaders It’s you and a water cannon against the rest of the hotel as you drench the oncoming holiday makers to blast them back into the pool and save your sunbeds!

  • Curl Adventure

    Curl Adventure Help Curl swing through these danger-filled worlds.

  • Festival Sneakin

    Festival Sneakin You've played the sneak-out games, now it's time to sneak-in to a music festival. Can you make it in time to see Mousebreaker live?

  • Atlantis

    Atlantis Defend the battleship Atlantis with your mech.

  • Money Miner

    Money Miner Help Money Miner to earn as much money as you can! Grab coins, gems and rocks to earn money and buy upgrades to increase your haul! Good luck!

  • Boss Bash

    Boss Bash Take on 3 classic video-game bosses. WART, ABOBO, and THUNDERBIRD. Can you get 3 stars on all 3?

  • PixelBOMB 2

    PixelBOMB 2 Collect the stars with your mouse, get timestone gems to go back in time and avoid the dark stars. Move the mouse to collect all the stars. Avoid the black stars that slow you down, and click the lef...