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  • Chuck the Sheep

    Chuck the Sheep Here comes the hot summer, the season of shearing. Chuck, a cutie sheep, has a plan in his mind to escape from the ruthless shearing. In this fun game, you need to help Chuck escape from the farm as f...

  • Penguin Slice Ice

    Penguin Slice Ice Slice up towers in new Penguin Slice Ice Worlds! Solve 60 new physics-based puzzle levels as you cut multi-color ice, wood and stone structures. Pop those pesky penguins and protect the funny little b...

  • Santa Is Mad

    Santa Is Mad This is an interesting physics base skill game. Help Santa to obliterate the evil snow man by using the snow ball. There are totally 24 levels to unlock. Can you unlock them all?

  • Super Santa Kicker 2

    Super Santa Kicker 2 In this awesome Christmas platformer physics puzzle game, your mission is to collect the bags of toys in each level and get in each chimney as quickly as possible! You must collect all the toy bags an...

  • Zombie Boom

    Zombie Boom In this zombie game, you need to set the bomb to blast the zombies to kill them and save the village. It will test your physic base skill because you have to put the bomb at the right position to expl...

  • The Vault Job

    The Vault Job The Vault Job is a physics game where you need to lock down the vault by helping the rolling vault door. Remove the objects which block the way of the rolling vault door. Sometimes you need to think c...

  • Rings of Freedom

    Rings of Freedom This game is a little bit hard to play, but when you get the skill, it is fun to play. Challenge your throwing skill in the game to get the little Whysee to cross levels until the tenth and solve the ...

  • Rolling Tires 3

    Rolling Tires 3 In this fun physics based puzzle game, you need to help renew the car spare tire. Remove all the obstacles and let the tire roll to the car. Sometimes it might be tricky on how to trigger the mechanis...

  • Finger Balance

    Finger Balance How long can you stay this square man on the air? Use the finger to balance him and you can collect as many coins as you can to get the big score. Control the finger with your mouse movement. You can ...

  • Loony Box

    Loony Box This is a lovely physics puzzle game. Your task in this fun game is to guide the yellow loony box to go into the given place. You can think carefully how to move the loony box using your physics skill...

  • Explodabot

    Explodabot In this fun bomb explosion game, you need to control the bomb to explode the robots out from the screen. Place the bombs near to robots and click to explode. But you have only a limited number of bomb...

  • Death to Trolls

    Death to Trolls Your task in this fun physics based game is to kill the troll by guiding them to drop into the trap. Remove the gray and yellow blocks in the right order and set the position to kill them. There are 2...

  • Verminator

    Verminator Do you hate the dirty mice? Here is a fun game to teach you how to make the mice get lost from the screen. You need to use the cheese to attract the mice to make them drop into the trap. Good cheese i...

  • Brains Still Roll

    Brains Still Roll Your goal in the sequel to Brains Will Roll is to keep them rolling to the hungry, adorable zombies. Solve puzzles by removing objects in each level to guide the brain and remember only one tasty brai...

  • Samurai Panda

    Samurai Panda This is a fun bouncing game with the cute energetic Ninja panda. In this fun flying game, you will control the Ninja Panda to bounce and collect all the sushi and keys hanging up in the sky. Press the...

  • Rich Mine 2

    Rich Mine 2 Lisa is getting married. At this very important day in her life, dress up this beautiful bride with the perfect wedding dress. Put on the most suitable color of pupil, eyebrow, eyelash and eye shadow ...

  • Release The Mooks 2

    Release The Mooks 2 Test your balancing skill to stack all the monster blocks on top of each other. You can drag its position to where you want it to sit on by clicking mouse. Do not let the blocks fall out if possible a...

  • Rajni Minds It

    Rajni Minds It Your mission in this fun killing game is to kill all the bad guys in the screen. Try to use as less bullet as you can to get the highest score.

  • Fire Starter

    Fire Starter There are fires happening in a skyscraper and you are alone in the building. For survival, you need to jump away from deadly flames.

  • Brave Kings Level Pack

    Brave Kings Level Pack Crush the wooden structure and kill the occupants live under the wooden structure. You can use crossbow, trebuchet and cannon to complete your mission.

  • Morphicine

    Morphicine Guide the orange blob to combine it with blue blob to become the bigger green blob. Use space bar to move the orange and blue blobs into green blob. Your task is to control the bigger blob to the dest...

  • Crash Boom Bang

    Crash Boom Bang There are three steps to knock the evil blocks off the screen, crash, boom or bang! Use your knock off, explosion and bouncing skill to complete each level.

  • Colliderix Level Pack

    Colliderix Level Pack Your task in this physics based game is to remove all the red and green blocks by colliding them with blocks of the same color. Click on the wooden blocks to remove it.

  • Rescue a Chicken 2

    Rescue a Chicken 2 Rescue the chicken again! Use your physics based skill to save the little baby chickens from falling down and help them to get into the nest.

  • Bowlees

    Bowlees This is a fun bowling game to test out your shooting skill. Shoot the bowling to knock all of the bowling pins out of the screen. Try to use less balls to get more score.

  • Nimble Piggy

    Nimble Piggy Nimble Piggy is looking for treasure up on his plant. But he needs to kill all the monsters and evil baddies on his way up. Use the cannon to fire the bombs wisely and kill these evils.

  • Angry Mushrooms

    Angry Mushrooms This fun game is a clone from the popular game, Angry Bird. Your task in the game is to fire the mushrooms to kill all Marios. There are 21 levels to play, have fun.

  • Finger Physics

    Finger Physics There are 4 modes to play in this cute 2D physics based game. You can choose to play Egg Mode, Lawn Mode, Lunar Mode and Underwater Mode. Enjoy playing the game with your best skill.

  • Kaboomz 2

    Kaboomz 2 This is a fun physics based skill game. Use the physics based skill to control the cannon to shoot the red balloons and free the blue balloons from being destroyed.

  • Way of an Idea 2

    Way of an Idea 2 Do you know how Isaac Newton discover the theory of gravitation? He was watching the fall of an apple from a tree to discover the theory. Now you can play this fun game to help Newton. You can also cr...