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  • Rich Mine

    Rich Mine The objective of each level is to collect all gems. Throw a pick to shoot down the gems and catch them with the barrow truck. Aim carefully because the number of the picks is limited. Beware of ghosts...

  • Jolls

    Jolls A crazy physics game that will have your brain smoking in no time! The Jolls’ kids have run off. Help collect them in this phuzzle game with 31 levels and 9 diplomas.

  • Fragger

    Fragger This is a fun throwing game. Your task is to throw the grenades to kill your enemy. Set the throwing power by dragging the mouse away or towards the origin of the arrow.

  • Eric the Circle (lite)

    Eric the Circle (lite) Physics based drawing game featuring Eric the Circle - the world's first Draw It Yourself cartoon character. Highly original and true to Eric's character, this game is a blend of puzzle solving...

  • Brick Yard 2

    Brick Yard 2 Stacking bricks in a construction yard has never been so much fun!
    There are 12 modes to test your construction skills with. Build your tower to dizzying heights against various hazards, unlocki...

  • Brick Yard 1

    Brick Yard 1 Five brick stacking modes! Take it easy, race against the clock, or stack even in bad weather! How high can your tower of bricks reach!? Watch out for the divine punishment!

  • Home Sheep Home

    Home Sheep Home This is a fun physics based game. Use each sheep's unique abilities to overcome obstacles and work together to get home safely.

  • Fenticore

    Fenticore Click the speckled purple boxes to make them disappear as you try to get the golden fenticore to the bottom of each screen. Collect as many snowflake-shaped coins as possible on the way down. If you g...

  • Build 2

    Build 2 Goal of BUILD 2 game is to assemble all the scattered pieces, inside the outline, which is given in the scene. Assemble all the pieces accurately inside the outline quickly as possible to gain points....

  • Paint your Way

    Paint your Way Test your construction skill in this Physics Based Game. There are a lot of different levels, in some levels you control your car and this is double fun!!! Just paint your way and start the sim...

  • Cover Orange 2

    Cover Orange 2 This is a Physics based game to challenge your skill to protect your fruit from the lethal rain.

  • Taberinos

    Taberinos This game is a combination of both geometry and physics, play like a wacky version of billiards. Your task is to judge how to line up a shot to take out as many lines as possible with the limited mome...

  • WereBoxes

    WereBoxes This is a physics based balance game. Your task is to remove the red ball from the screen, the others must remain. At first glance they are ordinary Balls, there are thousands of them in every ...

  • Truck Launch Maniac

    Truck Launch Maniac In this game, you start off with a slow truck with hexagon wheels, and try to launch it off a ramp. The further you get, the more points you get, which can be used to buy upgrades such and round wheel...

  • PhysBallz

    PhysBallz PhysBallz is a match 3 puzzle game where you can test your color blindness and increase your concentration. Your task is to remove groups of balls of the same color. Click and drag to se...

  • Way of an Idea 1

    Way of an Idea 1 Play this fun physics based game with Einstein. Use limited amount of chalk to guide the apple against Einstein head.

  • EenieBounce

    EenieBounce Train your reaction skill In this fun bouncing game. Can you bounce from platform to platform and clear each star on the level? What starts out as a tiny challenge quickly becomes huge fun!

  • Riggs Digger

    Riggs Digger In this physics based demolition game, you play as digger by using the scoop to demolish the abandoned building.

  • Bubble Guinea Pop

    Bubble Guinea Pop The Zoo are under attack! You need to save the animals from the trouble and trap. Use snakes to throw the Guinea Pigs near different animals. Once the Guineas land, they will explode the bubble gum an...

  • Emotion

    Emotion In this physics based puzzle game you main objective is to clean game objects out of the field and to help shiny icon get to the shiny platform. Go through the short game tutorial to learn all of the ...

  • Arcanorum

    Arcanorum Fly around the castle and fight against your enemy. Crush your enemies by swinging the ship of yours.

  • Drop Dead Final Cut

    Drop Dead Final Cut This is a popular and bloody Drop Dead series. There are 3 modes in the game. You can play as normal mode, use mouse to push the character once or throw a loose object at her, the more damage you caus...

  • Blosics

    Blosics Fun physics-based demolition game. Hold down your mouse to grow the ball and the shoot it towards the stacked shapes to knock them off the platform.

  • Kill the Wabbits

    Kill the Wabbits A 30 levels physics game where you have to shoot the annoying wabbits. While the levels are advancing the bombs should be shoot in tricky places to move objects for making way for the critical bomb.

  • Fox N Roll

    Fox N Roll In this physics base puzzle game, you task is to get the fox hit with the ball. Try to complete all the level.

  • Big Truck Adventures 3

    Big Truck Adventures 3 This is a driving game with physics base concept game. In this third installment of the series, you drive an off-road jeep. You goals is to get to the checkpoint as fast as possible while going throug...

  • Big Truck Adventures 2

    Big Truck Adventures 2 This is a driving game with physics base concept game. In the game you charge is to deliver the goods to the factory. To get the factory you must pass a difficult road. Do not let your goods fell.

  • Big Truck Adventures 1

    Big Truck Adventures 1 This is a driving game with physics base concept game. The objective of the game is to finish the levels while doing big air and flips to increase your points. Finish the levels as quickly as possible...

  • Light Asylum Escape - Room 2

    Light Asylum Escape - Room 2 Escape from Room 2 in Light Asylum! Use your wits to collect valuable tools and find the missing Queen checkers to make it out!

  • Mini train

    Mini train In this physics base game, you need to fix the holes or obstacles in the train track so that the train can find the tunnel.