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  • Ninja Yin Yang

    Ninja Yin Yang Ninja Yin Yang are white ninja and black ninja. They are train together in the game. You need to place the black ninja on the platform with the black sign and placing the white ninja on the platform w...

  • Valentiner

    Valentiner Play as Cupid in the game. Shooting nuggets of golden hearts with Cupids Bow and Arrow.

  • Cubed

    Cubed Your goal in this addictive 3D puzzle game with realistic physics is to control team of cubes and hit the target in each of the 20 levels.

  • Cannon Plunder

    Cannon Plunder In this game, you can train your gravity skill. Use the different angle and gravity to fire your cannon to collect the coins. Try to complete all the level, you can even create and share your own leve...

  • Ononmin

    Ononmin This is a simple game, you task is to shoot the ball on longest possible path with 60 seconds.

  • That Dam Game

    That Dam Game Save the village! There's a crack in the dam and water is about to burst and flood the village! Do it by catapulting objects from your farm at the cork plugging the dam hole. Armed with a catapult an...

  • Tricharge

    Tricharge Click on the orbs with the same color, if there are at least 3 match, then the orbs will fly away. Try to clear all the orbs to earn more rewards on each level.

  • BucketBall 2

    BucketBall 2 This is the 2nd episode of BucketBall game. The goal is still the same, you need to shoot the colored balls into correct buckets. You can train your patience by playing this game.

  • World of Confusion

    World of Confusion Take control of your pencil and draw bridges, ramps and barriers to successfully navigate your characters and reach the end of level goal. You must complete each of the levels in the quickest time pos...

  • Perfect Balance 2

    Perfect Balance 2 Are you good on balancing skill? The Perfect Balance games are all about balance in its simplest form. To complete a level, you need to move all shapes down from the shape box, and place them on stati...

  • Shrink It

    Shrink It In the game, you need to use your physics based skill to guide the smiley face to get into the target given.

  • Wake Up the Box 1

    Wake Up the Box 1 This is a very fun physics based puzzle game. Your mission is to wake up Mr. Box. Use your physics based skill to put on the wood on the correct position, then the machine will auto active and wake hi...

  • Zyl

    Zyl This game can increase Your Concentration. You need to look at the ball, on the right moment, click on it then it will drop down to the floor. There are only 1 rule, the ball cannot touching the wall...

  • Yohoho Cannon

    Yohoho Cannon This is a cool pirate game with the physics based skill. Use your skill to control your cannon to shoot on your enemy.

  • Civiballs 2

    Civiballs 2 If you want to improve your arrangement skill, this game will challenge you! You mission is to get all of the colored balls into the correct vases.

  • Ice Breaker

    Ice Breaker In the period of ice age, some vikings are freezing in the iceberg. As the leader of vikings, you need to find them out and help them escape from the iceberg. Use your personal skill to ...

  • Civiballs Xmas Levels Pack

    Civiballs Xmas Levels Pack This is a Christmas Version for the cool physics based games, Civiballs. In the game, you need to help Santa Claus to arrange the Civiball into the according gift box. This game can train your arrange...

  • Christmas Stacker

    Christmas Stacker This is a physics based game for the coming Christmas. You need to help Santa Claus to arrange the presents by using your construction skill. There are 21 levels to go, have fun and Merry Christmas!

  • Beat Up Mushroom Men

    Beat Up Mushroom Men If you like tower defense style action games then you’ll love this one! Defend your tower by firing arrows and lobbing bombs onto your advancing enemy forces. Wave after wave of mushroom men wi...

  • Pro Skate

    Pro Skate Enjoy this physics based skateboard game. Ride your skateboard as you control the tilt and lean of the rag doll rider. Grab stars & don't crash.

  • CCCPirates

    CCCPirates Your goal is to send as many treasures as possible into the water with a single cannonball. Captain Karl will then pick them up with his might pirate crane. You have an unlimited supply of cannonballs...

  • Push

    Push Time to catch up on your sleep. Get the little guy to the yellow light to complete each level. This game need your skill and patient to complete each level. Enjoy each level create with a funny backgr...

  • Buggy Bricks

    Buggy Bricks Control a quirky lunar buggy in this his physics-based puzzle game and master a different brick-blasting challenge in each level.

  • Spin the Black Circle 2

    Spin the Black Circle 2 An addicting physics based skill game. The original Spin The Black Circle game released last year has been a huge success. This follow-up brings you 18 original and 25 new challenging levels, new grap...

  • Spin the Black Circle 1

    Spin the Black Circle 1 Use your brain and ball balancing skills to make it through the rotating maze. It's easy to learn, but difficult to master. Later levels will be filled with deadly traps, can you complete all 24 level...

  • Drop 3

    Drop 3 Drop3 is the illegitimate child of Tetris and match 3 games, with a physics engine thrown in for good measure. Be sure to check out crazy mode if you want an extra challenge.

  • Demolition City 2

    Demolition City 2 A fun physics-based demolition game. Travel all over the world and fulfill demolition contracts for individuals requiring your help. Utilize different explosives and strategically take down buildings ...

  • Cover Orange 1

    Cover Orange 1 This is a fun physics based puzzle game. Your mission are very simple, protect the orange from the deadly raindrops. Using your skill to save and covering them. Try to complete all 20 levels and set a...

  • Demolition City 1

    Demolition City 1 A game where you get to blow stuff up! What could be better? See if you can demolish each structure so that it’s below the line with as few dynamite sticks as you can. Use your puzzle solving s...

  • Chaos Racer

    Chaos Racer This is a hybrid of a physics-based racing game and a realistic 2-D off-road racing simulator. A lonely adventure-seeker travels in his 4x4 off-road vehicle through the desert. He founds an abandoned ...