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  • Blow Things Up 2

    Blow Things Up 2 All you need to do is to place the bomb and detonate objects around it in order to get rid of the evil monster. Keep the yellow monster along with you as it is useful to you.

  • Tire Shop

    Tire Shop A fun game play in a car workshop. Your task is to help the mechanics to get the right tyres so that they can repair the car for their client.

  • Kiss The Darts

    Kiss The Darts This is a fun cannon firing game. Aim at your target and launch the lovely monster to hit the target. Cool and fun game, enjoy it.

  • Red Remover Player Pack 2

    Red Remover Player Pack 2 A classic Physics based puzzle game to play in the 40 levels. Your task in the game is to remove the red blocks from the screen. You can also create your unique level to submit and play.

  • Big Blocks Battle

    Big Blocks Battle Launch the cannon to blast the nasty blue blocks out of the land. Be careful that you cannot harm the green blocks. There are three types of boom you can use, try to use the right boom to save the cos...

  • Ragdoll Cannon 4

    Ragdoll Cannon 4 This is the series 4 from the famous game Ragdoll Cannon, now the game is available in iPhone too. Your task in the game is to shoot the ragdolls to hit the target. There are 50 levels to play, can yo...

  • Huje Way

    Huje Way The red mobs have lost their way in the town, you need to guide them to feed the Huje Kong.

  • Brave Kings

    Brave Kings This game is similar to the popular game Angry Bird. Your task in the game is to use the trebuchet to throw the arrow to kill the frightened king and his knights. The less arrow you use, the mo...

  • Fly N Frog

    Fly N Frog Let's play this fun game with the little frog. Your task in the game is to help the little frog to catch up and eat the flies. Use the frog's tongue to move the obstacle item to complete the level.

  • Inflate Us

    Inflate Us This is an amazing world, all the people have become the elastic blocks. You need to help the people to remove evil spells and restore their lost looks.

  • Let It Glow

    Let It Glow Use the Physics based skill to light up the bulb by connecting the two energy sources.

  • Thermobox

    Thermobox Test your puzzle solving skill in this physics based game. Your task in the game is to melt down the iced boxes to let them fly to the green zone. Use the hot balls to heat steel beam and the ice will...

  • Forest Fidget

    Forest Fidget Your task in this fun game is control the ball to collect all the berries. Use mouse to jump and collect all berries and avoid circular saw.

  • Cocks Revenge

    Cocks Revenge This is a fun physics game similar with the popular game Angry Birds. You need to throw the cock to kill the living cats.

  • Roly Poly Cannon Bloody Monsters Pack

    Roly Poly Cannon Bloody Monsters Pack Your goal in this fun point and click physics based puzzle cannon game is to use your mighty cannon to blast out the terrifying creatures. Try to blow up or burn the monsters in each level by launchin...

  • Vampire Physics

    Vampire Physics Turn every human into vampire with bite on the normal human. Be careful of priests, garlic and rivals, they will kill you!

  • Cubium

    Cubium Your task in this fun physics game is to shoot various balls to destroy structures and knock all blocks off the screen. You must knock off the required amount of blocks to progress to the next ...

  • Jelly Cannon

    Jelly Cannon Launch balls at the yellow blobs of jelly. Merge all the blobs of jelly to complete each level.

  • Must Eat Birds

    Must Eat Birds Don't let the birds to eat your cake! You need to control the Nomsterat to eat the falling birds.

  • Puru Puru

    Puru Puru Puru Puru are lost in this adventure land, you need to guide them to touch the teleport area.

  • Bounce Ball

    Bounce Ball A simple game work with physics based engine. Your task is to draw some lines to guide the balls to the hexagons.

  • Angry Bee

    Angry Bee The bee was very angry because his honeycomb are stuck in a trap. Help the angry bee to get back his honeycomb.

  • City on Fire

    City on Fire Use on the physics based engine, help the firefighter to rescue people jump out from the building and move them to emergency medical technician by using trampoline.

  • Energy Physics

    Energy Physics The bad guys are in the town, use the physical forces electrocute them. Based on the physics engine to drop the shapes to get the electricity from the batteries to the bad guy.

  • Mad Bombs

    Mad Bombs A full moon bring all the pirates become zombie and you need kill all of them. Launch your cannon and fire your bomb to kill the zombie pirate.

  • Castle Clout 3

    Castle Clout 3 In medieval siege warfare, launch the trebuchet to destroy your enemy's castle and kill all enemies.

  • Kamikaze Blocks

    Kamikaze Blocks This is a kamikaze mission, your task in the game is to shoot off all the block to the media. There are 53 levels to play, you can play as puzzle mode and arcade mode.

  • Mooo

    Mooo Get the cow to fill up the empty milk bottle, you can use the physics based engine to move the cow, enjoy 20 levels of getting the cow to the milk action.

  • Perfect Balance 3

    Perfect Balance 3 Test your balance skill with the physics based engine in this balancing game. Try to perform a perfect balance with all the shapes given.

  • Blobs Hunter

    Blobs Hunter Use the physics based engine to put the blobs go into the bucket. Beware, fire is dangerous for small blobs, so make your way around the fire.